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#RHOBH Star Camille Grammer’s Fiancé Is STILL Married and Arrested For Beating His Estranged Wife!

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Camille Grammer’s new romance is messier than her divorce to Kelsey Grammer.

According court documents, Camille’s fiancé is still married! And his estranged wife claims he assaulted her and is denying her access to their funds. 

In March 2016, Wendy Meyer stated in divorce docs that she separated from her husband, David C. Meyer, after a 2014 physical assault.

“Respondent and I separated on September 24, 2014 when respondent was arrested after he physically assaulted me in our home and caused me to have a concussion,” Wendy claimed in March 10, 2016 divorce papers.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum announced her engagement to attorney David C. Meyer in October. This will be Camille’s second marriage. She was previously married to Kelsey Grammer

estranged wife is also accusing the attorney of hiding assets while living a party lifestyle in Malibu.

“Although the Respondent and I lead a lavish lifestyle during our marriage as discussed in more detail below, Respondent has refused to provide me with an adequate amount of child and spousal support since we separated,” Wendy’s documents stated.

“Since we separated Respondent bought a new car, a Dodge Hellcat, is leasing a home in the most exclusive area of Malibu, is frequently dining at expensive restaurants including Mastro’s and Nobu and is throwing parties at his beach house,” the angry wife claimed. “After their visits with Respondent, our children have told me that Respondent is having girls in bikinis looking after them while ‘dad drinks whiskey and talks to friends at the party,’ the entire time.”

Since the former couple’s separation, David’s wife has been the primary care-giver to their two minor sons while surviving on a frugal budget.

“Respondent has sole and complete access to our assets yet I am almost entirely responsible for caring for two children. Since our separation, I have had primary physical custody of our two minor children. At the most, respondent has had approximately a 20% timeshare with our children,” court papers obtained by Radar stated.

“Initially he would only see the children about 4 to 6 days per month and then began increasing his time to our current parenting schedule which is alternate weekends, i.e. Friday at 3:45 to Monday return to school, one-half of the holidays and two weeks during the summer.”

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