RECAP: #90DayFiance Luis Questions Staying In America and Becoming A Stepdad!

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The problems continue to mount for our 90 Day Fiance couples — but will love conquer all? 

Elizabeth and Andrei

We begin the episode with Elizabeth, giddily prepping for Andrei’s secured arrival to the U.S. She has found an apartment and is excited to begin their new life together, despite her family’s glaring doubts. Andrei arrives, and Elizabeth welcomes her foreign beau to America. Elizabeth can’t wait to show him off, and although Andrei is less than thrilled, he’s mentally prepared to tackle the drama. The meeting with his future father-in-law promises to be a doozy. Andrei is happy about with the apartment, and TLC proves it by boring us with lots of smooches. Elizabeth is feeling super womanly, but knows that her cynical family might kill her submissive vibe. The couple sets up their home, while Andrei indignantly defends himself against his naysayers. 

A showdown between Elizabeth’s dad and the groom is imminent. Elizabeth’s father and brother finally meet Andrei, and after some geographical small talk, the group cuts to the chase. Her father is worried that Andrei won’t be able to provide, but the couple argues that with Andrei in charge, all will be well. Elizabeth adds that a future in Moldova would be cool with her, which flabbergasts her family. Elizabeth wonders how in the world they will pay for a fancy wedding with a grumpy dad holding the wallet. 


Molly and Luis

We travel to Georgia and catch up with Luis and Molly, who are recovering from Luis’ inappropriate blurt aimed at Molly’s teen daughter, Olivia. Luis knows he stepped in it, so he tries to make it up by kissing up to the less controversial daughter, Kensley. The duo frolics on a playground, but Luis fails to impress the the intuitive tot. Molly tries to teach Luis how to corral Kensley and keep his mouth shut around Olivia. Molly isn’t so sure that Luis can pull off the whole stepdad thing — but hopes that they can pull it together by the time they say “I do.”

We later sit in on a touching mother/daughter scene in a nail salon, where Olivia confesses that she resents Luis for stealing her mom. Molly pleads her case for true love, but Olivia is less than sold and hates that Luis knocked her out of the saddle. Molly’s all about her “love thang,” but Olivia is sad that she’s losing her mother to a foreign stranger. Olivia notes that the whole deal is weird, but does admit that her mother is happy. Dress shopping is next, and Luis is set on traditional white. Olivia works to support, and Molly’s mom is along for the ride. She tries on an odd hee-haw number, and Olivia wisely shoots down the fugly choice. Molly is thrilled to find a dress, but feels sad that her dad isn’t on board with her quickie romance. Luis later hits the batting cages with Molly’s brother, and after he whiffs about a dozen pitches, admits that he whiffs at being a father too. He calls Molly’s home a snoozy jail, and mentions a Dominican escape plan.


David and Annie

David and Annie are saying farewell to her family, after an especially dramatic bachelor/ bachelorette bash. Annie forgave her groom’s  drunkenness, and is ready to leave her mother for a life in America. Her mom is worried, but gets over it when she remembers that she’ll get a cut of   Annie’s American riches. Annie’s father gifts David with a good luck man-sash, praying that it kicks in the cash flow. The pair arrives in America, and is greeted warmly by David’s pal, Chris. Chris and wife Nikki welcome the couple into their home with a small party. Annie is grateful, but wishes that David wasn’t broke and could afford a house. The group pummels Annie with questions, and David drops that his kids don’t know that he plans to get married. He doesn’t ultimately care what they think, because Annie is here to stay. Chris and Nikki’s L.A. home is a luxury, and David knows that Annie will be in for a rude awakening when Kentucky poverty smacks her in the face.


Nicole and Azan

It’s time to hit the gym — to take care of Nicole’s “big a little bit” issue. Azan hopes to score a job in an American gym, and is worried that Nicole won’t care about his desire to be healthy. Azan puts her through a workout, because he knows if she ditches the laziness, their life will be sheer perfection. Nicole gives it a go, and Coach Azan tries to drag her through the exercises. Azan drops that weight loss could be a deal breaker, but Nicole thinks that Azan should love her XL heart. Azan is only 55% attracted, especially when he discovers that his bride is napping the day away. Azan later takes Nicole and May for a hike, to prove that exercise can occur outside. Azan doubts that a real change is happening — evidently tipped off by his bride’s daytime unconsciousness. Azan is worried that Nicole may never make good health a priority, but Nicole points out the changing diapers can be pretty exhausting.

Nicole believes that Azan should support every daylight hour she spends upright. The couple later bickers about Azan wanting a night out with a friend. Azan admits to his pal that being saddled with a kid really puts a damper on his night life. His friend encourages him to help out with the baby more, and shoots down Azan’s cultural excuses. Azan says that he would rather stay in Morocco — so why is he in this show again? Nicole just wishes Azan would spill his guts and cut to the chase.


Evelyn and David

We join the wholesome lovebirds, who are looking for an apartment. They check out one prospect, and Evelyn loves the budget buster. Evelyn sees vintage, but David sees old. The place is close to her parents’ house, and David is cool with that, as long as they don’t wear out their welcome. David thinks that the place is too pricey, especially with their future up in the air. We next sit in on a recording session, where we hear Evelyn belt a breathy tune, before the couple shifts back to the moving debate. David wants out of New Hampshire, but Evelyn is sure that her Indie voice should stay local. Evelyn’s producer hopes that they stay put, but David wants to hightail it to Virginia, for a warmer climate.


Josh and Aika

Aika begins her segment by complaining about being paraded around town like a imported trophy hussy. The couple shops for an engagement ring, because she isn’t into recycled jewelry. Aika shoots for two carats, but Josh vetoes her decision. Aika doesn’t get the point of marriage without the rock, but Josh advises her to just chill out and back off the jewelry obsession.  Aika is worried about life in America not being all it’s cracked up to be, but is anxious to have children. Josh wonders what the rush is — ignoring the sound of Aika’s loudly ticking biological clock. Aika is 36, and is annoyed that Josh is all talk and no action. Josh is a dreamer, and evidently struggles with some sort of mysterious fertility issue.

Next week, Andrei clonks his big foot down, David continues to booze it up, Luis hits a strip club, and Nicole pushes around Azan.


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