#RHONJ RECAP: Dolores Accuses Danielle of Drug Use At Siggy’s Women’s Empowerment Retreat!

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Wednesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey kicks off with Margaret and her hubby shopping for wallpaper. As they scroll through catalogs of faux bois (that’s fancy talk for fake wood wallpaper) — Marge fills her barely interested spouse  in on the details of her lunch with Dolores. She says that Dolores was sympathetic towards her, and that she hopes that she can help her mend fences with SiggyMarge’s husband does his best to weigh in on the catfight, commenting that Siggy is “a bit touchy.” Marge tells him about her deep discussion with Dolores, and rehashes her sad non-relationship with her step-kids. They iced out Margaret’s cheating heart — and are making her pay for screwing around with the hired help. “My kids don’t speak to me because I cheated on their dad with Joe,” a teary Margaret says in a talking head confessional. “I missed a whole piece of their lives, that I can never get back.”

We shift from the melancholy back to the dramatic, when Dolores and Teresa meet up to talk about where their friendship went wrong. They’ve known each other for over two decades, but Teresa feels that Dolores’ vibe has been disloyal. Teresa brings up Danielle’s tired claim that Dolores bashed Teresa behind her back. Teresa wonders why Danielle would lie, but Dolores clears that up when she reminds her that Danielle is 1) crazy, 2) trying to drive a wedge in their friendship and/or 3) probably on drugs. Dolores warns her long-time pal not to trust and believe in “crazy bitch” DanielleTeresa’s like a deer in the headlights as she wonders, “Whyyyy?…She does yoga and like she’s so spiritual and into healing.” Dolores reminds Teresa that disloyalty goes both ways, and that mocking her living arrangement with Frank was shady. Teresa questions why would she allow him to live with her when she has a boyfriend. 

Dolores reminds the prison wife that her relationship with Frank works, because it’s built on friendship and respect, unlike her marriage to Jailbird Joe. The bomb Dolores just dropped didn’t knock the wax out of Teresa’s ears because she demands clarification — and wants to know if Dolores is referring to Joe’s alleged affairs. Duh! Dolores explains she wouldn’t stand by a “nasty” man like Joe for putting her through so much. Teresa is initially defensive, but then a lightbulb goes off, and she snags the chance to play the victim card. The mood lightens when Teresa informs Dolores if she had to pick a side — her track record of truth wins. The sit-down ends on a good note.

Next, Dolores pays Siggy a visit at her home. They dig into a gigantic ice cream sundae, as Siggy shares details about her upcoming women’s empowerment retreat. She’s stressing over having to balance the venture along with her duties as a wife/mom. Siggy goes over the seminar’s extensive agenda, and shares that she’s inviting the whole gang — including Margaret — and Danielle, with Dolores’ approval. She phones Margaret to extend the invite personally.

That same week, Melissa and Margaret meet for lunch. Melissa chats about her kids growing up too fast, then seeks advice about making her ENVY boutique stand out from the competition. Marge offers her expertise, and extends an invite to her showroom. Although Margaret claims she wants to fix her issues with Siggy — she launches into a gossip sesh about their tiff at the Gorga tasting. She reminds Melissa that Siggy “humiliated” her at her house party. Hypocritical much, Marge? The women share that they both got invites to Siggy’s women’s seminar. Marge then says she probably got her invite because Dolores likely spoke to Siggy (ummm….at YOUR direction Margaret — did you forget you asked Dolores to mend fences with Siggy on your behalf?). The gals question how the relationship expert can pull off a successful event with all the infighting.

All the ladies prepare simultaneously for the event.

Dolores, Teresa, Melissa, Danielle and Margaret all travel to the retreat together, and they’re immediately off to a bumpy start. Dolores and Danielle haven’t seen each other since their tasting blowout, and Pigtails pulls up a recent Instagram post by Siggy on her phone. The IG post is a photo of Siggy pointing a bow and arrow with the caption, “I’m no shrinking violet!!! You come at me sideways then I’m going for you sideways. The last thing you want is me hating on your ass!” The post ignites another bitchy clique gang-up on “Soggy”— with the exception of Dolores, who rejects their shade and sticks up for her pal.

Siggy’s arrives at the seminar first and readies herself for the tough task of uplifting a gaggle of negative nellies. As the ladies file in, Siggy warmly greets each one with a hug and a smile. Siggy kicks off the event with a helping of empowering chicken soup for the soul — “live your unique authentic self.” The forum is chock full of wisdom nuggets, and is going smoothly until a deafening silence envelops the room. Siggy takes a breath, and delivers an honest personal testimony — aimed at Margaret.

“Every time I am with this one person, I can’t get through! And when I show them who I am…they still don’t like me. If somebody is hurting you, or mocking you, or making fun of you…you look at that person tomorrow and you face them. You have the right to stand up and say F*CK YOU!” Siggy says. At the same time, Teresa whispers to Margaret, “She’s talking about you!”  

Siggy explains to the crowd that she got off to a rough start with Margaret, then clarifies that the “Soggy” diss cut deep, because of vicious childhood bullying she endured. This admission breaks the tension, and the women laugh and truly seem to bond — if only for that period of time.

The seminar pauses for a break-out session. Teresa uses the break to blab to Danielle that Dolores thinks that she’s on drugs. The prostitution whore laughs off the accusation, but her alarmed pupils look suspicious.

The ladies all retreat to their rooms to prepare for the evening gossip session.

It’s dinnertime, and while I’m no soothsayer, I can feel the fireworks coming! Danielle immediately brings up Dolores’ druggie allegation, so Dolores flatly asks Danielle if she’s a junkie. 

Dolores feels her question is completely justified, because she believes that Danielle totally fabricated the alleged jab at Teresa. The editors grab their shot to work in a dishy montage of cast members discussing Danielle’s criminal past. Danielle asks what does she have to gain by lying, and Dolores declares that she hates the word lie, and prefers delusion. Siggy and the conference host change the subject, and the ladies move on.

The next morning, Danielle, Teresa and Melissa chitchat about the day before, in their suite. Danielle believes that Siggy’s quickie reconciliation with Marge is fake, and Teresa agrees, implying that the relationship expert has a hostess rep to protect.

The ladies next gather outside, for a traditional role-playing therapy session. Siggy is up first, and has to choose someone she has an issue with, so naturally she picks Margaret. The duo is directed to tell the other why they feel hurt. Siggy explains that Marge’s “Soggy Flicker” insult hit a red-hot nerve. Margaret feels that Siggy’s reaction was hypersensitive, and it caught her off guard. Margaret conjures up her best Siggy impression, which leaves Danielle, Teresa and Melissa in hysterics. Siggy’s feelings take another beating, as the scene fades.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey takes a break for turkey day and returns ​on Nov 29.

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