#RHOC Finale Recap: Shannon Flips Out On Peggy At Meghan’s Candle Launch Party!

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Can you believe it’s the season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Where has the time gone as we’ve watched the women grow (mostly Shannon) and share their lives for all the world to judge? It will be sad to say goodbye, but at least we have the reunion shows to make fun of look forward to, so let’s get started!

We begin with Vicki as she tries to help her officer manager fix her $500 headset to no avail. A meeting is called by her business partner Ali who asks that Vicki’s son Michael join them in the conference room. Congrats goes to Michael whose being made a board member because someone is being kicked off. Woo-hoo! Next stop, vice-president. Woo-hoo! Next stop, Vicki’s job. Woo-what? Truth be told, though, Vicki would like to get married again. And Steve just might be the right man for the right job.

Next we visit Kelly who wants to give her mom Bobbi a makeover whether she wants one or not. And Bobbi doesn’t even have to leave the house, how cool is that. Two gay guys arrive and magically transform her into a G-Ma with style. Bobbi likes her new appearance and might be open to becoming a cougar. Kelly then shares with her mom that life with Michael is a rollercoaster and she’s sick of riding him. Ba-dum-tisk. Bobbie assures her daughter that marriage is hard work, but again, Kelly is ready to quit Michael and collect unemployment.

Onto Tamra who is getting dressed like she’s attending a funeral, but really she’s going to her daughter Sidney’s graduation. Tamra’s very nervous. Her son Ryan comes over and OMG! he’s a new man. The beard is gone, the excess weight is gone, and the tatts are covered up. What happened? There’s no mention of his wife or daughter, just a man cleaned up enough to go before a judge if need be. Tamra and Ryan have been invited to dinner afterwards, so things are looking up, but Tamra goes for her final Emmy scene and sheds a few tears over not being able to help her daughter get dressed for the graduation – in the same gown everyone wears – and scene.

It’s time for Meghan’s “King Collection,” launch party. It’s just a bunch of candles, but you go girl. The ladies are getting all dolled up like it’s New Year’s Eve. Especially Lydia who looks like a disco ball and Kelly whose new girls are on display. But trouble is brewing between Kelly and Michael, and he doesn’t want to be in the limo with David. But hey, cut David some slack, he doesn’t want be in the limo either, mostly because of Shannon. Kelly tells Michael to try and be nice tonight, and this insults his manhood. Kelly shares with her makeup artist that she’s hit a wall with Michael.

The guests begin to arrive at the venue where Tamra and Eddie married in 2013. Peggy arrives and Tamra makes no effort to go see Vicki when she and Steve arrive. So much for the make up sesh in Iceland. Instead Tamra tells Meghan about an article with “lies” involving her family. Meghan looks at Tamra like she’s stifling a yawn. You see, Tamra blames Vicki for a story that appeared online the very moment they returned from Iceland. There weren’t any stories about Tamra while in Iceland because she checked every day.

Moving on, we learn that two days earlier Lydia and Peggy went to lunch with Meghan so Peggy could apologize for her crass statement about Meghan’s crying baby and the insinuation she’s a bad mom. Meghan accepted Peggy’s apology. And that’s why they didn’t show it. Snooze fest.

Meghan gives a speech about her new product line which is her maiden name and Aspen’s middle name. Fascinating, right? Onto Kelly and Peggy who discuss the “my daddy’s going to call your daddy” comment made in Iceland. Kelly tells Peggy she’s a princess and Peggy tells Kelly she’s defensive. They decide to forgive and move on.

So David tells Diko it was a bitch move to come at his woman for something he said. Diko admits it was a confusing non-issue that wouldn’t go away. Tamra comes over to grab camera time tell Diko she called him a “little bitch” in Iceland because of Shannon. Next, Tamara throws Shannon further under the bus when talking to Peggy about how she always overreacts.

Tamra calls Shannon over to defend herself. Shannon says she’s done with Peggy because of the comment, Does she trust her husband. Hell, no she doesn’t. And if Peggy would have watched last season, she’d know this. “Confusing Peggy” is unclear, but the flashbacks back up Shannon’s version, and catches Peggy in a white lie — though don’t bring this up to Peggy because she would want to know why the lie is white and not some other color.

As far as season finale’s go, nothing much is happening. Peggy successfully triggers a near meltdown from Shannon and I hate how Shannon played right into that. Shannon has a point, but the point is lost when she starts acting all cray-cray. Meghan says she’s Team Shannon, but no one cares. Peggy wants to go home, but Diko doesn’t. Tamra asks Peggy to give Shannon a hug. WTF? 

As Kelly and Vicki compliment Shannon on her grandmother’s vintage clothes she’s wearing, Peggy comes over to say to Shannon, “I’m here for you.” And it’s as awkward as it sounds. Tamra explains that Peggy is trying to apologize for Diko. Shannon cooly says she appreciates that Peggy tried to blame her husband.

Kelly tells Vicki, right in front of Michael, that she doesn’t trust her husband. Michael is like, Hello, I’m standing right here. Kelly presses on and Michael walks off. Kelly, through tears, tells Vicki she doesn’t want to live like this anymore. A life without sex. Vicki tells her to start having sex right away with Michael and that will make everything all better. They both agree divorce is a nightmare.

And that’s it! The ladies of the O.C. have a final shot to toast the final shot. Here are the updates.

  • Kelly sold her beach house in Corona del Mar. She has since filed for divorce from Michael. The good news is next season Kelly will finally have a compelling storyline.
  • Meghan convinced Jim to have another baby. She is undergoing IVF and they are trying for a boy. The good news is Jimmy had enough juice for one more try, but it’s probably a girl.
  • Lydia stopped taking the pill after Doug’s vasectomy. And now she wants to defrost his sperm to try for a girl. The good news is…sorry, there is no good news, especially for Doug. His balls lost their lives for his wife’s storyline.
  • Shannon’s rental house was sold by the owner and the Beadors have moved. Into separate houses. The good news is Shannon has shed 165 pounds she’d been carrying around for decades named David.
  • Vicki convinced Steve to buy a vacation home with her. But couldn’t convince Briana to stay in O.C. She and Ryan are moving to North Carolina. The good news is Vicki will soon be looking for real estate in N.C. and helping their economy.
  • Peggy’s daughters have moved out and are attending college in Los Angeles. They still come home for food, laundry and money. The good news is we won’t have to hear any more about Peggy’s questionable cancer – until the reunion.

And lastly, after attending Sidney’s graduation, Tamra had dinner with both Sidney and Simon. Soon afterwards, Tamra and Sidney had a falling out and are no longer speaking. The good news is we made it through the evening without Eddie making out with a dude.

What did you think of this season of RHOC? If you could cut two women from the cast, who would they be? And do you think two more should be added or kept to a smaller cast? Join me next week for reunion part one!


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