RECAP: #RHOA Kenya Moore Suffers Meltdown Over Divorcing Her New Husband As He Caves To Public Pressure!

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Sunday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta kicks off with Housewives soft porn via newly single Cynthia Bailey. She’s indulging in a seductive bath while the camera strokes every curve of her naked body. She’s a 50-year-old divorcee, in heat and desperate for a man to cool her off. 

Porsha’s at home with her mom and her mom’s best friend, when her sister, Lauren, and her daughter Baleigh drops in. Lauren and her baby daddy are having issues so she’s moving into Porsha’s palace. After Porsha lays down some ground rules for her new roommate, the group moves into the kitchen for a gossip sesh about NeNe and Porsha’s fight at Cynthia’s 50th birthday party. Porsha feels NeNe betrayed her when she said “Freak and Fraud” (Porsha and Phaedra) need to go (be fired) in an interview. Porsha says that in the past, they’ve uplifted each other and NeNe is only dragging her now for publicity. 

Next, Cynthia goes on a date with a young man she describes as “Norbit With Swag.” His name is Evan, he’s an artist/photographer, and has arranged a photoshoot along with a private dinner for their date. He’s pulled out all the stops to impress the much older Cynthia. Evan looks 40 years-old, but he’s actually 31 years younger than the former model and Cynthia’s inner cougar is not roaring for the cub. Bye Evan!

Sheree visits her life coach, Jack Daniels, (I kid you not). She’s still dealing with domestic/mental abuse baggage from her previous marriage to Bob Whitfield. Her coach asks how are her kids coping with the matter. Sheree shares that she hasn’t spoken to her children about the abuse. Through tears, Sheree explains that she’s struggled with opening up to her children about it. He advises her to face the obstacle head on and communicate her painful past to them. She agrees.

Across town, Kenya and Cynthia stroll through the park and the topic of discussion is Kenya’s nuptials. She’s glowing and in total wedded bliss — gushing over her new husband — Marc Daly. Kenya admits that she hasn’t changed her name yet but plans to use Kenya Moore-Daly.

She tells Cynthia that they were introduced by chef Roble and their introduction was kismet because they would have never crossed paths otherwise — he’s in the corporate world and she’s in entertainment. Kenya says Marc’s everything she prayed for. She explains that her husband is a private person and she needs to protect him — Cynthia agrees and advises her to put her husband first.

Moving on, Sheree, Shamea and Kandi are shopping for Shamea’s wedding in Africa — Nairobi, Kenya. As the ladies try own vibrant traditional garb, they discuss Porsha not attending the wedding. Porsha told Shamea that she’s not coming because first class tickets cost $10k and she can’t afford the trip unless some rich African man is paying. Kandi can’t contain her joy at the news — considering Porsha participated in slandering her name with disgraced attorney, Fraudra Phaedra Parks.

Over at Porsha’s, she’s clearing out her fridge packed full of meat. She’s a converted vegan because it’s the the latest trend she wants to be healthy and her mother showed her a documentary about being healthy. She asks her sister if she should still freeze her eggs and her sister says, “Be vegan for six months and then freeze your eggs.” Essentially, her current eggs are drunken “Hennessy eggs.” Good ole Lauren, always looking out for her sis.

Meanwhile, Kenya is not having a good day over at Moore Manor. She’s showing off her wedding gown to her dogs and struggling with balancing her marriage being in the spotlight, while desperately trying to keep it private. Her assistant Brandon aka her best friend calls and they’re talking about the public spectacle her secret wedding has devolved into. Kenya explains that people don’t want to see her happy.

After they hang up, Kenya suffers an emotional meltdown off-camera — while talking to a RHOA producer. Kenya is bawling like a baby about her marriage falling apart — after only three days. Yikes! She says that her husband’s ex-girlfriends are contacting him with old gossip about her and as a result, he’s not sleeping and eating. The pressure is getting to him and she “doesn’t want to get divorced.”

The scene is heavy, dramatic and obviously not meant to be aired. But clearly, the producers are getting revenge on Kenya for eloping without notifying RHOA production first. If Kenya’s new husband is caving to public pressure this quick — it’s safe to say their union may be doomed.

Later, Kandi opens up her home to Sheree and her friends to practice Sheree telling her kids about the abuse in her marriage. The exercise is proving difficult for the mom, so she can’t imagine executing the task in front of her kids.

It’s time for Shamea’s bridal shower, and while the theme is tea party — the festivities and decor are very much déclassé — equipped with half naked servers. The women partake in dirty games — such as lowering a hot dog on a string into a hole. After the ladies sit down, Shamea tells Porsha that she was shocked she came to her dowry ceremony, considering they hadn’t spent much time together since Phaedra accused Shamea of being in a three way relationship with Kandi and her husband, Todd.

Porsha reveals again that she won’t be attending the wedding in Africa, because of a medical condition involving sitting with her legs down for too long. Shamea is disappointed and grills her former bestie about the condition but Shamea’s not buying her excuses. At the same time, Kandi and Carmon are cutting up over Porsha’s “medical” excuse for attending the wedding. 

Porsha is confused by the whole drama going down in front of Kandi and Sheree, since she previously told Shamea that she would not be attending her wedding. Everyone starts to depart the party, but outside, Shamea and Porsha continue their fight.

In Porsha’s car, she goes off on Shamea for making her look like a bad friend and Shamea is still pissed over Porsha choosing Phaedra over her, “Well, ever since the fuckery with Phaedra,” Shamea yells. They argue back and forth, when Porsha says, “I’m not trying to understand it anymore.” Shamea finally caves and realizes that she’s talking in circles in this argument. And Porsha decides she’s going to continue doing what she’s been doing — love Shamea from afar. This concludes their bitching and Porsha pulls off.

Tune in next week when NeNe’s husband has a medical scare and Porsha and her sister clash over business.


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