RECAP: #90DayFiance Luis Tells Molly’s Teen Daughter It’s OK to ‘F*ck’ Her Boyfriend!

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90 Day Fiance is heating up — which couples are moving closer to “I do” — and which ones are taking a step back?

Elizabeth and Andrei

The episode begins with Elizabeth sweating submissive bullets, awaiting the results of Andrei’s K1 visa interview. She’s a nervous wreck, but Andrei comes through like a champ with visa success. Elizabeth is ecstatic, and can’t wait for Andrei to meet her family. Andrei responds to her bubbly joy with an unenthusiastic “eh,” immediately killing the bliss. They later discuss the concept of “girls night out” which Andrei flatly vetoes. Elizabeth wants to whoop it up with her gal-pals, but Andrei thinks that clubs are only for trashy whores — not his woman. Elizabeth is subserviently ready to compromise, and is worried that Andrei won’t adjust to being knocked down a peg in America.


Molly and Luis

We join Luis in a blingy shopping flashback, and soon learn that he’s ready to officially pop the question to his American honey. Luis pulls Olivia aside, hoping that he can sell her on their true love. He shows her the ring, and Olivia is kind enough, but clearly uncomfortable. She encourages him to wait awhile, but he knows that his red white and blue clock is ticking.

Olivia and her outspoken little sis need more time to adjust, but she does admit that her mom has wanted a stud husband for a quite awhile.

Molly and Luis later hit the beach, to picnic and swap lakeside googly eyes. Luis ignores Olivia’s advice, and pops the question. Molly accepts through teary giggles, and it’s officially time to plan a wedding.

Olivia later meets the lovebirds for dinner, where Molly pushes her to pitch in with the wedding plans. Luis and Molly rub their mac and cheese smeared faces together as if they’re alone — and Olivia requests a barf bag to get through the meal. Luis makes a crack about Olivia needing a man — and Molly’s maternal radar blips. Olivia later shoots a game of friendly pool with her uncle and Luis, who proceeds to weigh in on her love life. Olivia tests Luis’ views on tattling, and he responds by throwing inappropriate jabs about her relationship with her boyfriend.

Olivia notes that Luis reminds her of a nosy peer, before immediately tattling to her mother about her dirty, blurty boyfriend. It pays off, because Molly is instantly alarmed. She clenches deeper when Luis shares his relaxed views on teen sex, in an interview spot. 


David and Annie 

David and Annie are officially engaged. David Skypes home to check in with his daughter, Ashley, who isn’t buying that Annie is real. She does promise that if Annie actually exists, she will be respectful. David drags Annie to his laptop, to convince Ashley that she is an actual human. Ashley is immediately impressed by her dazzling manicure, but David shields his bride’s ring finger, hoping to conceal the engagement until they get home. Annie thinks his decision is a shady one, and wishes that he would cut the cryptic crap, and be honest with his daughter. The couple later celebrates with a joint bachelorette/bachelor party, and Annie isn’t so happy with David’s “drink drink drink.” David is dancing like no one’s watching — especially his cringing bride. David tries to cozy up to her, but Annie shuts him down cold. David is confused by Annie’s about-face, and Chris cosigns Annie’s concern about David’s drinking. Reality is setting in, and Annie is scared that her tanked groom is not to be trusted.


Nicole and Azan

Nicole and Azan have taken their bitch-fest to the beach, and Nicole is thrilled to show May a big scary camel. May is afraid, and does not appreciate the experience. Nicole is happy that “Daddy” is coming through like a parenting pro, even though they fight non-stop. Azan reveals that he lost his job because of Nicole’s excessive phone nagging, then drops that Nicole has been making it up to him by sending wads of of TLC cash. The faux family later visits a market, where Azan reiterates his fear of death by junk food in America. The fresh food overwhelms Nicole, who isn’t used to all of the pre-canned vegetables. The food shockers continue at Azan’s aunt’s house, when she unveils sheep’s head surprise for dinner.

The head is busted wide open, and Azan forces a bite down his bride’s throat. Azan snarks that Nicole has never met a fork she doesn’t love, unless it’s stuck into a tomato or a pile of sheep brains.


Evelyn and David

It’s time to head back to high school, because Evelyn, the teen beat bride of the cast, is ready to bulldoze her fiance into a tux. They bicker back and forth about attire details, and David’s annoyed, because Evelyn is one pushy teenager. David next dares to tiptoe into the groomsmen tux controversy. David goes to bat for his strapped pals, but Evelyn balks, and continues her Bridezilla rambling.

They later go cake tasting, and manage to agree on a flavor combo. They decide that they can’t afford such a luxury, so decide to reserve the fancy stuff for just the wedding party. Evelyn expresses shock that weddings cost money, labeling the obvious reality “crazy.”


Josh and Aika

We check in with Josh and Aika late in the episode, and catch a quick  rewind of doubting Joe’s analysis. Aika agrees to give Josh’s pal another shot, but hopes that he cans the honesty. She tries on colored contact lenses, but Josh isn’t a fan of the alien effect. Josh pushes her to try modeling, but Aika isn’t into the idea. The couple later grocery shops for produce, and Aika is amazed by the size of American onions. Aika’s market strut doesn’t disappoint, because she’s rocking her finest hooker wear for the errand. Aika later tests her acting/modeling chops, and Josh nudges  her hard to bring it for the pro. The agent likes her look, and hopes that she can make cash hawking her ethnicity. Aika informs her that she’s planning to get knocked up, which kills their interest. Aika appears to be a sweet girl, who just wants to be a mommy.

Next week, Nicole hikes off the sheep shard, Andrei meets the family, and Molly finds the perfect dress. 


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