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#90DayFiance Annie Regrets Marrying After David Gets Sloppy Drunk At Their Joint Bachelorette Party! (Video)

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It’s tipsy trouble in paradise, as 90 Day Fiance couple, David and Annie, celebrate their upcoming nuptials, before they exit Thailand to begin married life in America.

In a preview clip of tonight’s episode, David and Annie’s a joint bachelor/bachelorette party spirals downward, when David’s alcohol intake exceeds Annie’s legal limit. David gets loose — and Annie gets worried.

“When he gets drunk, he can’t control himself,” says Annie. “I’m worried. He drink, drink, drink. I hate when he drunk.”

David tries to cozy up to his bride, but Annie isn’t having it. She shuts down the dialogue, and becomes angry and dismissive when he tries to please her.

“If I go to America…he is lucky,” Annie declares. “If I go or not, I don’t know.”

The messy honeymoon is wearing off — but will Annie take off? David is broke, but the happy groom holds the ticket to Annie’s future in the United States. Where do you think this couple will land?

Watch a snippet above and tune into 90 Day Fiance, tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, on TLC.


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