RECAP: ‘Married to Medicine’ Simone Wants A Divorce and Heavenly Attacks Newbie Dr. Contessa!

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Married to Medicine has moved to Friday nights and while Fridays are typically a TV snooze — there’s nothing dull about the drama on this show!

Married to Medicine opens with Dr. Jackie and Dr. Heavenly sparring at a gym, after Heavenly’s “Waiting to Exhale” party. After Heavenly hops around the ring like a nervous drunk, the ladies take a break to chat. Heavenly might be a loser in the ring, but her mouth ducks and weaves like a champ! Heavenly doesn’t understand how Jackie can be so composed after being done dirty by her cheating husband. She questions how Jackie releases stress, because clearly, it’s not with greasy, naked men bowing at her feet. Jackie explains that her coping skills are different but not wrong — just opposite from the ways of a bull in a china shop Heavenly. She explains that she prefers to channel her stress through quiet time, praying and journaling. Heavenly just can’t comprehend that people are different, and handle tension in their own unique ways. 

Heavenly then asks Jackie if her lack of outward emotion nudged Curtis into the arms of another woman — say what now? It’s hard to believe Heavenly studied medicine — evidently she blanked on those psychology courses. Jackie asks Heavenly how would she have handled the situation, and the dentist responds with some standard hood-rat “snatch yo weave out” ish! Heaven help us!

Over at Quad’s, the reality diva is still pampering her pups, Chloe and Carr-ree, with gourmet dog food served on fancy china. Quad is holding an online meeting with her team regarding her upcoming romantic cookbook, “Romance on The Table.” Wouldn’t that require having romance in your life? Anyhoo, Quad is moving full steam ahead with the project, which will boast a formula of food fun linked to sexual shenanigans. The brooding author anticipates a world tour for the book.

We next join Toya and her hubby Dr. Eugene on a lunch date — which is a rare occasion, since they haven’t been out since Eugene began working himself into an early grave. Toya is really concerned, because they hardly have sex and his bod is always in a hospital. Eugene explains that when he gets home, Toya’s asleep and her breath stinks, so he’ll pass. He then shares that he supplements the sexless grind by masturbating to porn. Eugene seems content with his hand and KY,  but he covers claims that he only masturbates for longer sex episodes with his wife. But wait….I thought NO sex was the whole problem — oh never mind!

Across town at Heavenly’s house, her daughter Alaura is writing and making new music with her dad.

We catch back up with Toya and Eugene, who are back home, in the kitchen. Eugene is cooking up a storm (after working a 999,998 shifts) — as Toya watches on. They discuss party plans for Toya’s upcoming 41st birthday, and decide to do a potluck cooking competition for their friends — Doctors vs. Spouses. They need to keep it humble compared to previous years, due to their shaky financials.

Sadly, marriage issues is the common theme on this season of Married to Medicine. Over at Dr. Simone and Cecil’s south house, the mood is somber, after the couple’s explosive fight from the night before. Cecil mentions his IT job may be in jeopardy, due to layoffs. Things are looking bleak, because on top of that, their 20-year marriage is falling apart. Their convo becomes heavy when the dreaded “D” word is dropped. Simone reveals that she got a text from her son asking if his parents plan to get a divorce. Cecil tells her that she’s the one who gets heated and brings up divorce too casually. 

Simone then rips out my heart and stomps on it when she says in a talking head spot, “In previous years, I have mentioned divorce really just to get his attention. This year when I used it…I meant it.”  Cecil declares that they have  problems, and Simone feels they’re growing apart. They both feel like the other doesn’t listen. This argument feels far too heavy and too “real” — even for reality TV, and I’m seriously uncomfortable watching them argue. They both agree that they need marriage counseling STAT.

The next day, Dr. Jackie is facing more public shame via her cheating husband, Curtis. His mistress has spoken out in an interview — spilling all of the messy details of her affair with Curtis — and the tea is s-c-a-n-d-a-l-o-u-s! The mistress claims Curtis never told her he was married, they’ve been fooling around for months, and they had sex on the first night. Dr. Jackie’s employee privately shows her the article and while the doctor is ‘humiliated’ to her core — she’s not broken.

Bravo jumps us around the Married to Medicine ladies reading the article, and throwing in their two cents about the side piece’s dishy story. A resilient Jackie pulls herself together and carries on — business as usual. 

It’s time for Toya’s birthday cook-off! Toya arrives first with her Detroit “Playa from the Himalayas” daddy and her hubby. Quad and Heavenly make their entrance, and immediately dive into the piping hot mistress tea. Heavenly, once again breaks into dramatics over whores messing with her husband, aka Daddy. Quad is also in rare form when Dr. G defends Curtis’ infidelity — labeling him a neglected husband. Quad blasts Dr.G for that one — and asks him if he is cheating too.

Simone and Dr. Contessa pop in next. Heavenly practically leaps into the new girl’s arms, introducing herself by getting on her knees and holding Contessa’s hands. Heavenly’s mood quickly sours, when Contessa doesn’t know who the hell Heavenly is, quipping “What is your name gorgeous?” Heavenly immediately rises off the floor and says, “What’s my name?…You done f*cked up with me already!” Chiiilddd….Heavenly’s coffee mug overfloweth!

At the same time, Jackie walks in and is met with a round of applause from the partygoers. The overcompensation is real — but Jackie feels the post-gossip love. Toya separates the teams into two — Team Toya and Team Eugene — let the competition begin! The teams are making gourmet burgers and they’re whipping, mixing and grilling up a storm! 

Meanwhile, there’s drama brewing between the tough military rookie, Contessa, and Heavenly. Contessa confronts Heavenly about the snide remark she said earlier, and Heavenly goes off on the cast newbie. She screams that Contessa’s trying to make something out of nothing, and storms off — because apparently, it’s just too early in the season to flatten the new girl.  

Simone tries to communicate with Cecil while he cooks, but the vibe is icy— which spins Simone into more emotional turmoil. Simone starts gushing over Heavenly’s husband’s gentle and kind demeanor — wrong move! Heavenly runs over and begins to rub Daddy’s chest and whisper in his ear. Heavenly then pulls Simone to the side, to get to the bottom of her affection towards her man. Simone tells Heavenly that Cecil is mean to her and that she doesn’t deserve it. Heavenly assures her that Cecil is a good man and offers some Stepford wife advice — when he’s mean to you, be kind to him. 

Jackie pulls Simone away to a quiet area and the waterworks flow out of Simone. Through tears and bloodshot eyes, Simone explains that Cecil is not supportive, and her marriage is a mess. Jackie is supportive, and reminds her friend that Heavenly is an opinionated  idiot a subservient wife, while she is not. Simone believes that her relationship is all give and no take, and Jackie advises her stop worrying about what Cecil needs to do, and just take care of herself. 

Time’s up — it’s food tasting time, and Quad’s team has made a juicy turkey burger and Eugene’s team made Mediterranean lamb burgers. The birthday girl is the judge and her facial reactions to the turkey burger declares Quad the winner before Toya does! Eugene rolls out a birthday cake and Toya is a happy camper. She thanks her husband for making her birthday extra special. 

Tune in next week when marriages continue to unravel and Toya tells her Detroit daddy that Eugene wants to buy her a shower head to masterbate. 


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