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Kelly Dodd Implies Peggy Sulahian Is “Satanic” and Accuses The Rookie Of Making Her #RHOC Costars Villains!

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Even chilly Iceland couldn’t cool off the heated feud between Kelly Dodd and Peggy Sulahian!

Kelly’s entire blog takes aim at the new girl on The Real Housewives of Orange County block — first addressing the accusation that she and Tamra laughed at Peggy.

“…Tamra and I were NOT laughing at Peggy. At one point in the night, we all went and got into our pajamas. When Tamra and I came out of our rooms, I was banging on Vicki’s door and Tamra was banging on Shannon’s door. We did it at the same time, and looked at each other and just burst out laughing. I can’t tell you why it was so funny—I guess you had to be there. Then Peggy opened her door and started screaming at us to stop laughing at her! It was so bizarre, it made the whole thing even funnier, and we laughed even harder.”

“The only weird thing about Tamra and I having a good time was Peggy’s compulsion to record us on her cell phone. Who does that?”

Kelly takes a jab at her nemesis’ comprehension skills and thanks Lydia for clarifying that she meant no ill will with her comment about Peggy’s dad.

“I appreciate that Lydia tried to explain to Peggy that when I said I would have my dad call her dad, I was using a figure of speech. I’m not surprised that Peggy still insisted on taking it as a personal insult. In Peggy’s world, everything is all about Peggy, all of the time.”

Kelly slams Peggy for making Lydia miss the best part of the final night’s spectacular dinner performance by the Karlakór Rangæinga choir.

“Because it was our last night in Iceland, Lydia had organized a viking dinner experience for us. They really pulled out all the stops. It’s too bad Lydia had to miss most of the fun because of Peggy’s pity party.”

“Only Peggy would show up over an hour late, keeping Lydia, and act like it’s a gracious act of compassion. It’s just plain rude! She acted like she was doing Lydia a favor, by ruining the last night of her trip. Who does Peggy think she is? Am I the only person who finds this a little outrageous?”

Kelly implies Peggy has satanic ties.

“The a cappella choir was the perfect soundtrack for Peggy’s arrival, wearing satanic red.”

The 44-year-old, responds to Peggy’s “cold” reception to her “sincere” apology — ultimately labeling her personality the “ultimate buzzkill.”

“I apologized to Peggy at dinner because I was worried about her feelings. I was being sincere. Her response was as cold as I have now come to expect. I always liked Peggy and felt like I had gotten to know her back in the O.C. But seeing her away from Diko and the safe spaces of her Lambourghinis showed me who she truly is. I might be coarse with my language and sometimes I like to drink, but I’m not a bad person! I just want everybody to get along and have fun…and Peggy is the ultimate buzzkill.”

Kelly blasts the newbie for recording Meghan’s neglected crying baby and confronting the new mom with the video.

“I think Peggy’s accusations at dinner, attempting to reveal her phone recording, and her spontaneous attack on Meghan’s parenting threw everyone for a loop. As I said then, I will say now—it’s beyond. But did you notice how the second she left the restaurant, the mood lifted? Lydia seemed truly relieved to stop babysitting her. And you’ll notice no one was talking about her after she was gone. Earlier, Peggy had told Lydia that she hoped we were saying bad things about her. She wants us to be the villains, and it couldn’t be more transparent.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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