Shocking! #RHOC What Shannon Beador Told Vicki Gunvalson The Night David ‘Beat The Shit Out of Her’ Exposed! (Exclusive)

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Vicki Gunvalson briefly mended fences with Shannon Beador during The Real Housewives of Orange County trip to Iceland.

The friendship was re-shattered after Kelly Dodd blurted out a confidential piece of info in Season 11, repeating Vicki’s claim that David Beador was physically abusing his wife. The bitterness largely hinges on an alleged phone call — a reported cry for help from Shannon to Vicki. Vicki noted the exchange during the Season 11 reunion. exclusively reported on the incident behind Vicki’s reunion reveal — the comment Vicki tried to smooth over when she tried to apologize to Shannon in Iceland. 

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claimed to have “misinterpreted” the phone call in question — the one where she allegedly heard Shannon “screaming for her life.”

An anonymous source came forward about a year ago, and claimed to have been a guest in Vicki’s home on that fateful February 2015 evening. The source reported that Vicki received an emergency phone call from Shannon that night—and described what went down next.

“My husband and I were at Vicki’s house, when Shannon called.” began the source. “Vicki was panicked, because Shannon was freaking out. We were asking Vicki, ‘Do we need to go over there? Do we need to help her? Do we need to call the police? What do we do?’  because Shannon was in a complete panic — she was absolutely flipping out — she was terrified. Vicki was scared for her friend, and kept asking her how we could help her.”

The insider continued, relaying how Shannon allegedly described the disturbance.

“They [David and Shannon] had gone out to dinner, and Shannon said that David didn’t like the restaurant they were at, which frustrated her. They switched restaurants, had drinks and dinner, then came home. I don’t know if David was drunk or what was happening, but Shannon was crying in a panic, saying that David was yelling at her and that he was coming at her. We kept asking ‘Is he going to hit you — has he hit you?’ She was whispering on the phone…that she had locked herself in a room…she said ‘He’s coming, I’m going to have to call you back,’ and then she hung up. She called back crying…it was hard to understand her because she was kind of hysterical. She kept saying that she thought he was going to hurt her.”

The source said that Shannon told them that the children were not in the home during the episode. The insider said that communication was abruptly cut off, and Vicki did not hear from Shannon until the next day, despite numerous attempts to reconnect that night. The source explained that by the next day, Shannon had backtracked.

“The next day Shannon called back and said it was nothing. She said, ‘I was mistaken. Did I call you last night? I was so drunk…it was nothing, I just fell down the stairs.’ “She started making up excuses,” reported the source. 

The insider added that Shannon shut down many offers to drive to her home and help during the chaos — and that she had reassured them that she was ok. The source also clarified that Vicki was not repeating the story outside of the few present during Shannon’s call.

“Nobody knew about this, except us, and then I guess she told Kelly that one night. Vicki even said ‘This is not something that anybody needs to find out about.’ Even Vicki was hesitant — she didn’t want to have to call 911, because if it was nothing, she didn’t want it getting out,” the anonymous source explained. “It was important to her to maintain confidentially, to protect her friend. She didn’t want anyone to hurt Shannon at the time, and then she didn’t want anyone to find out about it.  It’s now out there, and it’s unfortunate that it’s come down to this.”

David and Shannon have since called it quits — do you think that the whole truth about their messy marriage will finally come out?

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