#RHOC RECAP: Peggy Explodes After The Ladies Turn On Her In Iceland!

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Welcome back everyone! We are still in Iceland with The Real Housewives of Orange County. So far we’ve had health scares, friendship repairs, and Lydia’s prayers, and tonight Peggy will mommy-shame Meghan, so pull up a chair!

The episode kicks off with Peggy confiding in Lydia that she caught Tamra, Kelly, and Meghan making fun of her. Then Peggy drops a bomb about the “35 year-old giraffe whose baby wouldn’t stop crying for 10 minutes.” And she recorded it! Meanwhile the ladies are in the van heading to the Viking dinner, wondering where Lydia is. She’s slamming the ladies for getting drunk, laughing at her. Tamra peeing herself because that’s just gross, but other than that, we want our housewives to get drunk. Am I right? But hold onto your Viking helmets, Peggy has the recording to prove they were having fun, and forces a confused Lydia to listen to it. Finally we get to the heart of the matter. Peggy is upset that Kelly made the comment “my dad is going to call your dad.” Lydia tries to explain the slight, but Peggy says it was doubly mean because her dad is dead.

So the rest of the ladies arrive at the restaurant and meet the Game of Thrones look-alikes who take their job a tad too seriously. We are told there will be singing and fighting tonight, but they mean with the Vikings. Then the Viking sweater brigade breaks into chorus and thus commences the drinking. Tamra and Vicki are soon bff’s and practically braiding each other’s hair. Don’t worry! Shannon says it’s fine with her. It’s fine. It’s fine. Really, it’s fine. Good news for Shannon, the Vikings like a woman with meat on her bones. Yay because she’s about to be available! SKAL!

Tamra forces Vicki to apologize to Shannon for misinterpreting the middle of the night phone call in which David was beating Shannon. Vicki also apologizes for telling Kelly this information. Shannon doesn’t believe it, but she just wants to get drunk appreciates it. 

Next, Tamra wants to discuss Brooks and how he ruined their friendship. Shannon tries to shut it down with a lame bubble-bath joke, but Tamra and Vicki ignore her and say they’re sorry to each other for the eleven-hundredth time.

We watch the Vikings fight and the sweater chorus sing as Lydia and Peggy arrive to start the fireworks show. Shannon chooses this moment to go stand with the singing sweaters and make hand gesture, but not obscene ones because that would be Kelly. Speaking of, Kelly tries to apologize to Peggy about last night, but it’s met with a cold-bitch glare. Kelly retracts her apology and implements her anger management skill of walking away. Tamra tells Peggy she is being a defensive non-drunk. So to prove…I don’t know what, Peggy plays the recording of baby Aspen crying.

Meghan melts into tears because this is the second time her mothering skills have been called into question. But Tamra has Meghan’s lactating back and accuses Peggy of insinuating that Meghan is a bad mom.

Vicki feels bad for Peggy, but wants nothing to do with this fight. Peggy’s response is, “Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow.” But in her Persian language. Shannon is also there to defend Meghan and this causes Lydia to label her as crazy. Peggy fires back that David mentioned to Diko that she does/doesn’t have cancer on the boat that was like so five episodes ago. Tamra calls Diko a “little bitch” and Meghan calls Peggy a “little odd” which would be great stitched into the leather headrests of their next luxury sports car, don’t you think?

So Kelly tells Peggy that if she wants to throw a bomb then she’ll throw a nuke. So look out at the reunion because Kelly Jong-Un will likely come through with that threat. Peggy skulks out to the van and announces to the camera she’s leaving in her own car and in her own jet. Vicki is ducking in the back of the van saying she’s out. Peggy is pissed off that Vicki wasn’t there for her, but who can blame her? 

The following morning Kelly is in pain from drinking all night/day. Vicki calls Kelly and she tells Vicki that Peggy bounced in the middle of the night/day.

Finally the ladies return to the OC, and get this, Jimmy is happy to see Meghan. That’s all it took was a trip halfway across the globe. They are planning the season finale candle party. Elsewhere, Vicki is hanging out with Briana, telling her she almost died in Iceland, and Briana is like, What else is new with Nana.

Over at Peggy and Diko’s house, they discuss her Icelandic experience. She is still “disgusted” at the ladies who got mad at her because she took care of Vicki. Diko explains that Meghan has a right to be mad at her. She says the ladies twisted that Meghan is a bad mom because what she was really trying to say was the ladies were being mean, and that Meghan is a bad mom. But Peggy mostly feels betrayed by Vicki. Diko recommends she talk to Vicki and hear her out. I recommend that Peggy bring an interpreter.

Next we are with Shannon on a doctor’s visit that she brings Tamra along, for some reason. Here’s the deal, Shannon is constantly freaking out because she has a hormone imbalance since she won’t take anything unless it’s organic. Shannon also claims she doesn’t have a low libido, she has a husband who won’t touch her. Tamra prescribes a divorce – and guess what? Dr. Tamra is in the house!

Onto Vicki and Peggy for their betrayal breakfast sit-down. Vicki brings the friendship fur headband she bought everyone in Iceland, but I’m pretty sure Peggy wants to blow her nose into it. Vicki explains she has fights of her own, let alone getting into the giggity-gig of others. She asks is Peggy understands and Peggy says yes, but does she? 

It’s now time to check in with Shannon and David. The temperature between these two is much like that of Iceland. As we watch the dog give Shannon the attention David won’t, she tells David about Meghan and Jim’s party. David says he’s too busy, but will stop by for a bit because he likes Jimmy. Shannon realizes at this very moment her marriage is over.

Tune in next week for the season finale and to see the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County release their hostilities in the glow of candle light — which is for sale.


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