#RHOC Star Peggy Sulahian Says Kelly Dodd Is The Biggest ‘Bully’ After Being Pushed to Her ‘Limit’ in Iceland!

Posted on Nov 6 2017 - 2:02pm by Nancy

Peggy Sulahian’s rookie season hasn’t been a catwalk among her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars.

“[It was] very challenging,” she tells ET. “One percent of the time I enjoyed it. The other 99, I was trying to figure it out. But, it was a good experience, because I met the ladies and they’re nice women — when they’re not in front of the cameras.”

The 44-year-old says the only two Housewives she can lean on are Lydia McLaughlin and Vicki Gunvalson. Peggy feels her other co-stars have been nasty to her, which has led to the misconception that she’s difficult to understand.

“That’s B.S., because I know four languages,” Peggy says. “I know how to read and write Armenian, all my friends went to an Armenian school, all my friends are Armenian, even after high school they are all Armenian. Even in college, when I turned up at UCLA, there’s Americans around me, there’s different cultures, but it was very difficult for me to adapt to.”

“For them to say, ‘We don’t understand you,’ because I’m bilingual — Armenian is my primary language. So, if you want me to say anything in Armenian, I can tell you a lot of idioms, but I won’t insult you because you don’t know it. Just because I’m raised here, I’m still Armenian.”

The Kuwait born English major has admitted on-camera that she’s not familiar with certain American idioms, but her co-stars browbeat her about it in Iceland.

“I set people in place, because I’m not one to shut up,” Peggy teases of the trip. “Go ahead, think you’re going to walk away from me. Go ahead … once you keep touching me, you know, I’ve given you that leeway, it’s not going to happen. And I’ll put you in a position that you don’t even know how to get out of.”

Peggy refers to the intimidation as bullying and claims she was pushed to her “limit” while in Iceland.

“Everybody does it differently, I gotta say,” she claims. “Everybody does it according to their personalities. Kelly [Dodd] was [the biggest].”

In spite of the hostility, Peggy isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet and would consider doing a sophomore season. 

“Depends who’s in it,” she says with a laugh. “If they like me, and they want class and not trash, they’ll have me back.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. ET on Bravo. 


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  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I’ve read this article twice and I still don’t know what she’s saying

    • Jennymckitty

      She’s saying that she is smarter than everyone else in the cast. She is dazzled by her own mediocrity.

    • the underground train

      So glad it is not just me

    • Perturbed

      I have a hard time UCLA gave this woman a BA in English! Still, I agree with her about Kelly being a bully – she’s so mean-spirited!

  • shayvoe

    OMG! This woman really thinks she is something. There is absolutely nothing likeable, relatable or endearing about her, I don’t think the choice will be yours Pegs, on whether you would do another season.

    • Misha

      So agree! She irritates the hell out of me and I feel like she makes certain situations worse the moment she gets involved in things that are none of her business. The way she carried on with the medical staff last episode what unbelievable to me. How are you that unaware that you’re getting in the way of what they’re trying to do. Ugh. I really hope she’s a one and done and she can take that sanctimonious twit, Lydia, with her.

      • shayvoe

        Yes!!! Agree 100%.

  • Bryan


    • Marsbars09


      • Bryan

        Seriously this show just need to end and never come back

        • Hostage Eyes no more

          And Megan needs to go back to Missouri where she belongs

  • Karoline

    Is she saying she lived a sheltered life here in America? I’m not sure what she was trying to convey.

    • Marsbars09

      I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Karoline

        I don’t think she did herself any favors with her ” explanation” of whatever that was. Pegs seems to have a handle on luxurious possessions, if she doesn’t have an understanding of the culture she grew up in.

  • IMSpyC

    How is she putting them in their place? By threatening to have her husband call their husband?? She needs to stop it with the whole Armenian crap. Yes, you’re Armenia, but you have lived in the States since you were 1, you should still understand cliches and colloquialisms. The fact that you went to UCLA solidifies that, it’s a huge melting pot of cultures. If she thinks this is securing her a second season she is crazy.

    • Marsbars09

      Thank you! I just posted a similar comment.

    • Karoline

      She didn’t help herself with that explanation. Pegs is admitting to being ignorant, and challenged when it comes to understanding a culture that she was living in since she was 1.

  • Marsbars09

    I don’t understand how Peggy’s primary language is Armenian when she was raised in America. There are many children of immigrants who were born and/or raised in America who grew up speaking bilingual and have no problem understanding English idioms. Peggy must have grown up in a sheltered environment.

    • Kelly’s Coven

      I think her family only primarily Armenian in her home.

    • Haz

      I’m not sure where you live but I live in Texas and there are many in the Hispanic community who speak primarily Spanish and know just a small amount of English. I only know a small amount of Spanish (I’m Hispanic btw) so when I’m asked questions in Spanish I usually have to find someone who is more fluent or try to figure out what they’re asking.

      • Karoline

        Did they major in English literature at UCLA, like pegs did? Are there Armenian high schools in California?If so why?

    • Karoline

      Exactly. She may speak 4 languages but she is ignorant.

  • Hostage Eyes no more

    I’m neutral on the Pegster. It will be interesting to see her and Meghan go at it tonight!

    • Bryan

      And of course Pansy Beador has to get involved in that situation

      • RealitytvJunkie

        She has to stick her big nose in everything. She was probably hungry when she exploded.

        • Bryan

          Not enough beef on the menu LOL

      • Hostage Eyes no more

        Yes Loon acts like she is the bodyguard of Megan and Tamra. Shut the fuck up Loon!! They don’t even like you!

        • Bryan

          They loathe her they called her a cow

  • bella

    Idk ‘bout that, Pegster. Money can’t buy you class. Just ask the “countess”.

  • we”r”family

    I am so hoping Peggy is one and done. She and Diko can take English classes at the local community college.

  • as seen on TV

    i thought kelly was being nasty and agro to Peggy in Iceland. it’s a shame, too, because i thought she’d try to do better than how the other women treated HER in Ireland.
    kelly really lost quite a bit of luster in my eyes.

    • Maria

      I think Kelly tried, she went and apologized. Pegs threw one of her nasty comments. Kelly stuck up for Pegs when she brought up Aspen, then Tamrat brought up the bomb comment. She tried for a bit but it didn’t last.

  • Ronnie

    Another one season wonder………. (where they are).

  • GirlPlz

    She won’t be back next year

  • boredatwork

    LMAO “I know four languages”, no you imbecile, you definitely do not.
    I speak 4 languages, I understand idioms in all 4 of them, you don’t even understand them in the language you have been immersed in most of your life. That’s 45 years!

    This cretin is starting to grate on me. She’s thinks she’s above everyone, meanwhile she’s below most of them.

  • BetteDavisEyez1

    Kelly kills me trying to act like a thug. One good ass whipping is all she needs.

  • Thomas Crane

    Peggy grabbed Meghan’s lips to silence her. That’s more of a bullying tactic than being frustrated with someone’s behavior.