RECAP: ‘Married To Medicine’ Jackie’s Husband’s Affair Shocks The Group and Some Ladies Blame Jackie!

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Married to Medicine kicks off Season 5 with a bombshell scandal that has rocked the ATL medical community. Dr. Jackie’s husband Curtis cheated with another woman and was caught in the act. By the close of Season 4, serious cracks surfaced in their marriage but Jackie did not foresee her husband cheating with a mistress. Jackie is enduring the public embarrassment in blogs and on social media — and the backlash is devastating. Curtis isn’t denying the affair and Jackie has asked him to move out of the marital home.

Over at Toya and Eugene’s, they’re up early and talking priorities. Luckily for them, they’ve made some strides in their massive IRS debt. Toya says they’ve paid off half their tax bill but at the expense of Eugene working a million shifts at the hospital. An ambitious Eugene has even picked up a shift at another hospital four hours away. But Toya is apprehensive since Curtis cheated — she thinks her doctor husband’s eye may wonder also, since they only have sex twice a month. Eugene is like…do you want to have sex or pay the bills that you help create?

Quad is visiting her husband Dr. G at his new private practice and she could not be happier. Quad complains because she feels she’s done everything to get the office together and she’s feeling overwhelmed. Curtis’ cheating is the topic of the day and Dr. G’s is wearing his psychiatrist cap and feels the affair is not Curtis’ fault alone and that Jackie definitely holds some responsibility in the affair. Quad totally disagrees!

Over at Heavenly’s house, her daughter Alaura is simply wonderful, according to her mama. Heavenly and her husband Dr. Damon aka Daddy meet in the bedroom and they’re discussing Curtis’ cheating. Naturally, Heavenly is team Jackie and has taken on Jackie’s pain personally — to the point that she has taken it out on her husband. The two discuss what they would do if the other cheated and Heavenly makes it clear…bitches beware, mess with Daddy and end up in a ditch — bitch! However, Daddy is a misogynist — he basically says that Heavenly should take him back if he cheats but if she cheats it’s over!

Across town, Dr. Simone is at her second house with her two boys and her husband Cecil. It’s a proud time for the family, Simone’s eldest son, Miles, is a high school senior and heading off to Howard University. His mama is proud because Howard University produces top African-American doctors in the country. Simone wants him to pick the hottest and smartest biology major and dad wants him to play the field. The couple is having a hard time balancing professional and personal life because their two homes are too far apart and it’s impacting their marriage.

Toya and Quad meet for lunch and they’re in a good place even after Quad shaded Toya (with a struggle basket) about her IRS drama. Quad tells Toya that she pulled together Dr. G’s office in ten days and feels like she’s doing everything in the marriage — including taking out the trash. Toya believes that’s Dr. G’s way of punishing Quad for not giving him a baby. Toya doesn’t understand why Quad won’t let Dr. G saturate her uterus. Toya brings up her 1st and 15th of the month sex life. Then Jackie and Curtis’ rocky marriage is mentioned. Quad takes Jackie’s side but Toya feels Jackie gave him a reason to cheat.

In that same week, Heavenly is hosting a “Waiting to Exhale,” themed party to support Jackie through her marital issues. Heavenly rented a hotel suite overlooking Atlanta, she’s putting on a show with a catered spread and male strippers serving B-O-D-Y! Toya is in awe of the nakedness and wants Heavenly to plan all their events since she only sees a man with his shirt off twice a month. The women love the eye candy but when the guest of honor arrives, she’s not as impressed. The strippers immediately cater to Jackie but she’s noticeably uncomfortable and asks the men to leave.

After the strippers exit, the women get straight to the matter at hand — Curtis’ affair. Jackie tells the ladies that she processes [feelings] internally. Toya then opens her mouth *everyone gets nervous* and tells Jackie that she basically led Curtis astray. Toya (who’s known as a dim bulb) believes Jackie gave Curtis permission to cheat and he was lonely.

Then Heavenly breaks into a dramatic act about daddy loves her too much to cheat but if some woman did lead him to sin — the whore would be found dead somewhere. Jesus take the wheel. Heavenly needs your prayers. Did the relationship expert really say if her husband cheated he didn’t mean to do it? #ICanNot

Jackie opens up to the sister circle and makes it clear that she did not give her husband permission to cheat. A teary eyed, Jackie tells the women none of them knows what they would do if their spouse cheated. Quad asks Jackie if she’s staying in her marriage and Jackie responds that she doesn’t know but she does have options. The women all wrap their arms around Jackie and the “Fab 5” take a group selfie to commemorate the moment. 


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