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Shade! #RHOC Kelly Dodd Says Peggy Sulahian Has Limited Vocabulary and Gets On Her Nerves!

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Kelly Dodd and cast rookie, Peggy Sulahian, clashed during the Real Housewives of Orange County cast trip to Iceland — and Kelly is weighing in on the conflict.

Kelly labels Vicki Gunvalson’s health crisis “an anxiety attack” before diving into her Bravo blog, to dish about the trip. Kelly peppers her blog with zingers about the new girl on the RHOC block.

“I like Peggy. I think she’s a good person, and I know that her intentions are good, but she really gets on my nerves. I have a “hot” button, and that button gets pushed when somebody tries to tell me what to do. That is what Peggy does to me over, and over, and over again. I finally lost my patience with her.” 

Kelly throws shade at Peggy’s vocabulary skills while addressing Vicki’s sick bed drama.

“I do think it became a bit like “too many cooks in the kitchen” (I trust that Diko will translate that for Peggy, due to her limited vocabulary).”

Kelly explains why she decided to eat dinner before heading to the hospital to be by her friend’s side — and how her decision to stay behind was a good one.

“The glacier hike was a workout — just ask Shannon! We were all really hungry. I also have low blood sugar, and I just had to eat something at that point. Keep in mind that I knew Lydia was with Vicki, and I also knew she was having a panic attack. I wish I could have been in both places. In hindsight, I think it worked out for the best. If all of us had gone to the hospital, it would have been too much and heightened the situation more.”

“Even still, I couldn’t believe Peggy couldn’t wait two seconds for me to pay my bill at the restaurant. How ridiculous! I do find it funny that once she arrived, Vicki was already discharged and they had to come right back. Karma!”

Kelly continues to slam the newbie, for shading her own failing marriage and for “threatening” others.   

“I just love how Peggy said that she respects her husband and that I should take notes from her. I am glad that she is in a great relationship. I guess shutting up and being subservient is the recipe for a solid marriage!”

“My patience with Peggy was gone by the time she said she was going to have her husband call my husband. It took me over the edge because she said it like it was some kind of threat! I feel like Peggy has a way of threatening people she disagrees with, and it’s very disturbing.”

Kelly addresses Peggy’s comprehension skills and her insight about the death of her father.

“Communicating with someone who only takes phrases and expressions literally is a challenge. I was not even thinking of the fact that Peggy’s father had passed away, because it’s a figure of speech. I’m sorry if it triggered something sensitive for her.”

“Seeing Peggy talk to Diko about her father on the way to the hospital, I now understand why she was so emotional about what happened with Vicki. If I had known this was on her mind, I might have chosen a different expression. Here goes: Peggy, feel free to have your people call my people. Actually…please don’t!” 

Kelly blasts Peggy as a self-made victim, who is unfairly creating a “mean girls” scenario.

“I’m over Peggy acting like such a victim. She never owns her mistakes or her words, and she’s trying to make us out to be mean girls. We’re just trying to laugh and have a good time. I’m glad I was able to make Tamra laugh that hard, even if Peggy chose to take it the wrong way. Peggy’s victim complex came through loud and clear when she said that night was one of the worst experiences of her entire life. Wow, she must have a pretty sheltered existence! Like I said last week, it’s good for everyone to get out of their bubble once in a while.”   

The season is winding down — do you think that Kelly and Peggy will make amends?

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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