#RHOC RECAP: Kelly Dodd Explodes on Peggy Sulahian; Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge Make Up In Iceland!

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We resume The Real Housewives of Orange County mid crisis of Vicki’s health scare. The ambulance has arrived and Peggy is frantically trying to get the doctor to take a look at Vicky and stop asking questions about Vicki’s health. Tamra stops by to check on Vicki, even though she thinks it’s just a panic attack. Shannon says she always has heart palpitations, so there.

Lydia leads the ladies in a group prayer to give them strength and knowledge to back off. Peggy is overly concerned about Vicki and it’s pissing Kelly off.

The decision is made to take Vicki to the hospital for further observation with a robe covering her head and face. It’s very disturbing. Tamra asks the others if Vicki thinks she’s Michael Jackson or something. Which is also very disturbing. Everyone is asking if Vicki is okay, but she doesn’t answer because obviously she’s not okay — she’s going to the hospital, people. Before getting into the ambulance, Vicki removes the blanket from her head while Peggy continuously tells Vicki she’s fine. Kelly finds this annoying so she tells Peggy she’s not fine and any moment Vicki could have a heart attack.

The ambulance whisks Vicki away and the ladies discuss that they need to eat first and then go to the hospital. Peggy cannot believe the audacity of these women. Just as Kelly and Meghan order dinner, Lydia arrives to tell them the car is ready to take them to the hospital. Lydia, clearly upset that they are eating, goes by herself. Meanwhile, Peggy is upstairs in her room calling Diko — he says get in the damn cab and go to the hospital.

By now it’s 10:30 p.m. and Vicki has arrived safely at the hospital. Back at the restaurant, the women are ordering assorted seafood and champagne and toast to their good health. We’ve got it and Vicki doesn’t. Cheers! Shannon asks what the plan is. Kelly announces they will take shifts. Okay? They are taking shifts and it will be shift work that works.

Peggy comes down to tell the women she’s going to the hospital. Kelly says wait two seconds, she needs to eat, but then she’ll go with her because they are doing this in shifts. Peggy explains that Diko told her to go now and therefore she needs to go now. Peggy leaves and the rest of the ladies have another toast to thank the good Lord no man tells them what to do — not that they’d listen.

Lydia and Vicki call the ladies from the hospital to let them know they are waiting for the results from her blood test. They warn them that Peggy is on her way. Kelly, Meghan, Tamra, and Shannon remember all the trouble that was stirred up for not visiting Vicki after the Glamis accident, so they order a casserole and plan to bring it to Vicki. Obviously the alcohol and altitude are getting to them.

Good news, Vicki is released before the ladies have a chance to do their shifts. The diagnosis is elevated blood pressure due to lack of sleep, dehydration and elevation. She received some medication and is told to rest. Lydia says the real diagnosis is a “case of the Vicki’s.” When Vicki arrives back at the hotel, everyone announces, “We got you a casserole!” This makes Vicki happy. Finally, she has her casserole. So, what do they do? Start drinking! And drinking and drinking to celebrate Vicki’s brush with death.

Tamra and Vicki are close to making up. Tamra feels that in the grand scheme of things, and being the good Christian she is — she really wants to forgive Vicki for her trespasses. But first Tamra has a few things to say. She asks Vicki how would she like it if she spread rumors about Steve. Vicki apologizes for repeating that Eddie is gay.

So it’s 2:00 a.m. and Kelly is feeling jealous for being left out and inserts herself in Tamra and Vicki’s make-up session while the peanut gallery a.k.a. Shannon, Meghan, and Peggy look on. Tamra screams at Kelly to zip it. Of course this doesn’t work so Shannon tells Kelly if she won’t butt out then she will be forced to butt in. This works. Tamra mentions again, how would Vicki like it if she spread rumors about her boyfriend. Vicki informs Tamra that she did…about Brooks. A collective sigh can be heard all through Iceland. Tamra explains that was different. Brooks was hurting her and Tamra was protecting her.

I’m not a psychologist, but at this point I’m really thinking Tamra is projecting her feelings about her daughter Sydney onto Vicki. She cries to Vicki that she loves her and fought for her but she chose Brooks over her — which is weird — and everyone just needs to go to bed. But they hug as Tamra sobs on Vicki’s shoulder like a drunk baby.

Across the room, Shannon is telling Meghan she is sick to her stomach because Vicki has never been a friend to Tamra. She keeps repeating Vicki is a “fucking liar” while Meghan practically has to sit on Shannon to contain her. Meghan tells her now is not the time. But Shannon thinks it is. When Vicki tells Tamra she loves her like a sister and if Tamra doesn’t hurt her, then she won’t hurt her, Shannon explodes. She yells across the room, “Vicki you do it every week.”

Every week? Really? But Vicki handles it well and tells Shannon they are all good people who mess up, learn and grow from their mistakes. Vicki says goodnight and leaves Tamra sobbing on the floor. Tamra explains she is done with the negativity — though Shannon clearly is not.

The following morning, Lydia puts down her bible to go to Kelly’s room and learn about the shit-show she missed the night before. In flashbacks we see that after things settled down between Tamra and Vicki, things kicked up between Peggy and Kelly. Kelly told the rookie cast member she would have her daddy call Peggy’s daddy, in response to Peggy calling Diko to ask what to do. Tamra joins the women with mud on her face, still wearing her pee-stained pants from the night before. Eww.

Tamra and Vicki hug it out in the hallway and are ready to whoop it up once again, like Thelma and Louise. They knock on the door of Peggy’s room to apologize, but she doesn’t answer the door, or her phone or her text messages.

The ladies go shopping and buy Peggy a gift. What’s nice is Shannon and Vicki are actually getting along and laughing over chin hair. Lydia tells Shannon she’s so happy that she and Vicki are having a good time. Shannon explains it’s only a trip and this is just for now. They return to the hotel to show Peggy the furry headband they bought her, but she won’t answer the door. After Lydia begs that Peggy respond because she’s freaking them out — Peggy tells her that she needs more time alone. 

Tune in next week when Peggy and Meghan get into an argument when Peggy mommy-shames her. It’s on.


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