RECAP: Reza Doubts Asa Conceived Her Son Naturally On #ShahsofSunset Reunion

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We are back with the Shahs of Sunset as they hash out the last of their issues in this reunion conclusion. We begin with the question asked by Andy Cohen last week to the cast if they believe that Asa became pregnant naturally. Part one came to an end prior to Reza’s response. So what’s his response? He has doubt. This upsets Asa and she tells MJ she’s never been a friend to her and she’s always been disrespectful. MJ says she was shocked that Asa took six months to share her pregnancy news with the group, and is like, no way are you getting the organic baby blanket I crocheted for your bastard child now.

Andy tells everyone it’s time to take a break because tensions are running high. The group backstage is talking about Asa as she walks up after face-timing her baby. She tells MJ she’s so effing negative. The crew is called back to the set, but GG is not feeling well and asks for a paramedic. The paramedic helps her breathe and she’s ready to go back out. Both GG and Andy tell the paramedic he is a cutie. I’m sure that made his day.

Moving on, the focus shifts to GG and her anger management. For the record, sobriety is not her thing and to prove it GG shows off her vapor full of weed right by her side. Andy say’s he may need a hit after the show. As far as GG and her sister Leila, there’s too much hatred between these sisters, says Mike, who has hooked up with Leila, for them to ever be good again. But Reza says he and GG are still cool, and that’s all that matters to him.

So let’s talk about GG and Shalom’s elopement. According to Reza, they eloped because their families would never be down with a wedding due to their different religions. And though the two have broken up, they have not divorced, and are now dating. Plus GG is wearing her rock of a ring. But for a while things were so bad GG sliced her tattoo four times with a knife to show Shalom how much she hated him. Him or yourself? But I digress. Shalom apparently was married to another reality girl on Dash Dolls. Say what? Andy welcomes Shalom to the couch much to the shock of the others to set the record straight.

Shalom says he and GG are working on their relationship, trying to figure things out, and denies being interested in GG for a green card. Shalom says it was his ex-girlfriend who was on a reality show for two weeks only. So why did Shalom freak out because GG was going to kiss a man in a play? Shalom says that he was drinking too much that night in NYC and the pressure of having to propose at Times Square got to him. GG says she ended things because she got tired of the rumors that Shalom was using her. She was officially done when Shalom wanted to sell give a story to E! News. Shalom says he loves GG but he’s not sure if GG loves him. When asked if they will be together next year, GG says she doesn’t know. My money is on no.

Now the focus is on Mike…and his mom. Mike is called a Mama’s boy by the entire cast. Then they talk about Mike’s manhood called “Russell the Love Muscle.” I’m sure his mom is so very proud. Everyone thinks Mike was less of a man-whore this season and that he’s still sleeping with Jessica. Mike says their relationship is complicated because they are better off apart. To this day, Mike has not seen the letter Jessica wrote his mom. But at least Mike has learned something about being in his truth since his divorce. So there’s that.

Next to join the cast couch is Reza’s husband, Andy. Andy says he’s closest to Asa because she reached out to him last season. The cast each say how much Reza has changed for the better. When Reza is asked if he’s been faithful to Adam he says absolutely, but maybe in ten years he’ll need to do XYZ with ABC because gay marriages are different. Oh really? So why does Reza treat his marriage like he’s in AA? Long spans of time freak him out so it’s best for him to take it one day at a time. Presently, Adam is converting to Judaism so if they have children – Reza is then corrected by Adam – when they have children they can be a solid Jew family. They aren’t preggars yet, but have decided to have Adam’s biological child first, then perhaps adopt later, now that they have purchased a new home. MJ and Mike are upset they weren’t told about this new home purchase because they should know everything concerning Reza.

Onto Asa and her protective life of Jermaine and Sultan. GG asks a very important question – why is Asa on the show? Asa says it’s an amazing platform. The rest of the cast, according to GG, is bleeding for the show, but Asa is not. Asa explains she brings culture, her struggles with money, her family, her art, and her business acumen. Mike tells Asa that’s all superficial stuff. Andy tells them all to shut up and says to Asa, stop talking about what you bring to the show, why are you on the show. Asa wants her voice to be heard. Mike says he loves Asa, but she’s fake. Asa says she’s the balance in the group. Andy asks where Asa goes if Jermain won’t be on the show and doesn’t want baby Sultan on the show? Asa doesn’t know, she has some meditating to do. This was a difficult year for her because her friends weren’t happy for her in her happiest time of life. Buh-bye Asa.

So where do the Shahs go from here? Reza says if he and GG can make peace, then MJ and Asa can too. Reza and MJ are each hopeful that next year they will be pregnant. GG is hopeful that next year she will still be with Shalom. Mike is hopeful that he will be wiser next year. And we are all hopeful Shervin won’t be such a dog next year.

And this concludes this season of Shahs of Sunset. After the show, MJ tells Reza this was the dumbest day of her life. Tell me what you think. Was this the dumbest day of your life? And do you think the Shahs of Sunset will return for another season?


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