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RECAP: #90DayFiance Molly’s Daughter Is Horrified By Mom’s Dominican Import Sex Partner!

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The 90 Day Fiance romances continue to unfold this week — what’s the latest with the international lovebirds?

Nicole and Azan

The comeback couple of the season is already hitting the skids — the new parenting dynamic between Azan and Nicole already proving to be a challenge. Nicole wants her mommy position respected, but Azan is uncomfortable with being schooled by a woman in broad daylight. Nicole hopes that Azan will quit telling her to shut up in front of the child — but Azan isn’t so sure that he can pull it off.

Azan later busts Nicole for feeding May junk food, and for reneging on her commitment to slim down and get healthy. Azan is worried that he might be force-fed chicken nuggets 24/7 in America. Nicole brushes him off, noting that good health isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


Molly and Luis

Molly and Luis are headed home from the airport, and her youngest daughter welcomes the newbie to America by yakking his ear off. Luis arrives at the family home, and Molly’s brother, Jess, is there to greet the newest member of the clan. Luis can’t believe that he scored three working bathrooms, and knows that being deafened by a mini chatterbox is a small price to pay for constant electricity. Luis is ready to booze it up in American luxury, and Molly tries to drag her older daughter, Olivia, into the mix. Olivia isn’t having it, and is clearly mortified by her junior stepfather, and desperate mother.

Luis notes the teen’s disrespect, and is already dropping hints about his discipline plan. Molly is thrilled to have Luis in her bed — perhaps giving a shout-out to the root of Olivia’s horror. Olivia continues to freeze out the family, ignoring their first  breakfast together. Molly thinks that Olivia just needs time to warm up to her Dominican honey — but Luis doesn’t look confident.


Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth is annoyed that Andrei’s visa process is dragging, so she meets up with an immigration lawyer to hash out the possible reasons. The lawyer warns that there might be an arrest record in the mix, and points out that past disrespect of the system might shut Andrei out forever. Andrei violated a past tourist visa, and the lawyer adds that his crabby attitude won’t help matters. Elizabeth wonders what else could be up with her fiance’s shady past, and if he will ever make it to America. Elizabeth later jets to Ireland, to grope Andrei in person and interrogate him about the lawyer’s concerns.


Evelyn and David

Evelyn is showing David around her sleepy New Hampshire town, and her fiance is already bored. Evelyn doesn’t appreciate the hints about relocating, and as they hit a breakfast hotspot, Evelyn warns him about her most cynical pal. A welcome to America party is planned for that night, and David is anxious to mix with her friends. The couple bickers about the high cost of wedding tuxedos, especially when you’re paying a bundle to travel to America. David points out that Evelyn cares more about frills than people. His friends are putting out a grand to attend, but Evelyn doesn’t care, because it’s her dream wedding…and well, she’s 18 years old. Evelyn is an angry teen bridezilla, and is appalled that her wedding is being polluted by foreign cheapskates. Elizabeth has much to learn — and it looks like David is up for teaching her.


David and Annie

David and Annie are on their way to Annie’s home village, for the dowry showdown. David is kindly welcomed by the locals, before he is led into the negotiating room. David is touched by the warm reception, but is worried that he won’t be able to afford to bust Annie out. Annie’s parents don’t know that their daughter’s pick is a broke one, and David is sweating bullets over his bank account not cutting the mustard. Lucky for David, Annie is on clearance this week, and her parents have slashed their price by 90%. They accept David’s downpayment plan offer, and David is relieved — before he learns that two water buffalo are also required, to close the deal.

Annie wishes that David had more cash, but if he comes through with the buffalo, he will be sitting pretty. David later hits up a water buffalo farm with Annie’s father breathing down his neck. Her family is looking to regain status within their village, and expect David to cough up a couple grand to secure their girl. David didn’t expect Annie to be so pricey, and feels pressured to deliver. They settle on two minis, but David’s travel budget is blown. 

Next week, friends and family shade the international romances, and Nicole throws a production tantrum.


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