RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Sean Questions Abby’s Commitment After She Admits Chris Is Still In Her Life!

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It’s time for our 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couples to bid adieu — who will go the distance as the regular season wraps?

Paul and Karine

The finale episode begins with Paul on one knee. Karine can’t believe that Paul is finally coughing up a ring, but pulls a whammy and tells him thanks, but no thanks.

Karine fakes Paul out and raises fan hopes — but is actually ecstatic about the proposal. The couple is K-1 visa bound, but Karine is afraid that Paul might leave and never return. Paul and Karine’s cryptic text-love gets to the next level when they discuss where to get married.

Karine isn’t sure that Paul is serious, or if he might flake, and hurt her again. Paul needs to get back to America to save for their wedding, but Karine is worried that he might leave her hangin’. Paul decides to leave a load of luggage with Karine — a sure sign of his return. He offers her an unwashed American hairball to seal the deal, and the couple clings to each other, weeping their goodbyes. Paul exits Brazil rocking an impressive ugly cry. 


Cortney and Antonio

Cortney is rewinding her sweaty meltdown, as we hop over to Spain. Cortney’s feelings have gotten real, and she’s beginning to suffer from hardcore neediness. Her time in Spain is drawing to a close, and she’s worried about separating from her shockingly true love connection. Antonio doesn’t want to think about the future, and Cortney wishes that it hadn’t taken her so long to pull off some real emotion. Cortney is delighted by her hardcore crying sessions, and Antonio is impressed that the icy American is finally thawing out. Cortney wants a commitment, but knows that Antonio is a man-whore at heart. it’s time to separate, and Cortney is heartbroken. Antonio musters up one powerful single tear. Cortney might be in love — but Antonio needs time to decipher his “confused” feelings.


Sean and Abby

Sean is wallowing away in Ohio, after leaving Abby in Chris’ clutches back in Haiti. He’s “cautiously optimistic” that Abby hasn’t boinked Chris in his absence, but plans to return to Haiti to see for himself. Sean’s gut isn’t certain, but it sure hopes that Abby isn’t a slutty fibber. Sean is thrilled to be back with his “baby girl” but still isn’t sure about proposing to a liar. The couple discusses their relationship, and the always dramatically problematic C-factor. Abby doesn’t want to cut off her American freebie flow from Chris, but promises to keep her scabby legs devotedly clamped.

We learn that Sean hauled over a motherland of goods, ultimately proving himself the bigger sucker. Sean gives a “business” relationship with Chris an okay, but is worried that Abby is still hiding something. Abby giggles at the idea of faithfulness, but throws Sean a half nod to shut him up.


Larry and Jenny

Larry and Jenny are still reeling from pork drama, but because Jenny is the greatest 10 ever, Larry wants to pop the question in a magical Manila park. Lots of legit dead people are memorialized there, so it’s the perfect spot. Larry drops to one knee and proposes, much to Jenny’s blank-faced delight.

She unenthusiastically accepts, and the couple is kinda-sorta thrilled. Jenny can’t find a reason to say no, and Larry is happy that his high-stakes trip made him a winner in love. 


Darcey and Jesse

It’s time for Darcey to peel herself off Jesse, and she’s panicked about losing their relationship. Jesse gives her his military jacket, and Darcey zeroes in on the name label — hoping to will it her own. TLC rewinds Darcey’s frustrated love quest, while Jesse assures viewers that he will indeed miss all of the desperate begging. They arrive at the airport, and Darcey says goodbye with a few more “marry me or die” zingers.

Jesse wants more time to go by before he commits, and Darcey bids farewell by desperately begging for bonus love proclamations. Darcey’s gut tells her that Jesse really wants to be her husband, but Jesse is letting his cautious heart lead the way. 

The cast hashes out the season in the “Tell All” finale, hitting the TLC airwaves Monday night at 8:00 p.m. ET. Don’t miss the fun!


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