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#RHOC Star Meghan Edmonds Wants Vicki Gunvalson FIRED and Attacks Her Character!

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Meghan King Edmonds has played a proud pot-stirring diva in recent episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County — and Vicki Gunvalson hasn’t been shy about calling out the new mom on her shady behavior. 

Meghan has been vocal about her dislike for her insurance mogul co-star and in a new interview, she makes an ominous juudgement about Gunvalson’s future with the show.

“I don’t have a history with Vicki [Gunvalson],” the Real Housewives of Orange County star tells ET. “I just never liked her, from the beginning … she was nasty to me, but that’s her MO.”

“She has a history with Shannon [Beador] and Tamra [Judge], where they were good friends,” she adds. “So, when you were good friends with somebody and you sever that, I think it’s really hard to go back to [that].”

Meghan feels the Bravo reality series might be in jeopardy if the negative group dynamic continues. 

“It’s kind of awkward,” she notes. “I don’t like having a bifurcated, like, clickiness. That’s not fun. Nobody likes that … I want, like, everybody to get along and sit together and have fun and party together.”

The 33-year-old has declared the OG of the OC a “liar,” and attacks her credibility. 

“‘You’re out!’” she jokes. “If only I could say that … ‘Vicki, you’re out. Bye! No more lies.’ See ya.”

Meghan comments on Vicki speaking on rumors about Tamra’s husband’s sexuality. 

“I don’t think necessarily that Vicki is homophobic, in the sense that she thinks gays are lesser than,” Meghan shares. “But I do think that her accusations are coming from a homophobic root. And it’s just, it’s petty, and she just needs to drop it. It’s just it’s not a good look and it’s disrespectful.”

While viewers had hope that motherhood might soften the emotionally chilly reality star, it appears that Meghan’s frigid heart lives. However, she promises the group will put aside their differences and have fun on the all-cast trip to Iceland.

“Kelly said it best when she said, ‘We’ve landed on Mars,’” Meghan says. “I mean, there was craziness … people laughed and cried, and screamed and drank… and drank and drank. I think everybody gets along with with Vicki.” she continues. “Well, actually don’t quote me on that. I might have spoken too soon … everybody has fun with Vicki.”

“But, like, it can’t last,” Meghan says. Shannon previously told ET she and Tamra went into a “different mindset” while in Iceland in order to be civil with Vicki, but the moment they got back to California, it was back to no communication. It’s, like, I’m going to hold my breath under water for 10 seconds,” Meghan explains. “I can’t do it for 3 days but, like, 10 seconds? I got this.”

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