RECAP: #90DayFiance Dominican Import Luis Is Excited to Finally ‘Smell’ Molly and Daughter Is Mortified!

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A new couple enters the mix, and and two men make it to America on this week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance.

Molly and Luis

It’s the big day, because Luis is set to arrive from the Dominican Republic. Molly has her makeup done for the occasion, and as the countdown to love ticks down, she nervously chats about her crazy love life with the artist. We’re reminded that her daughter is peeved about her mother’s tacky romance, but Molly has hope that she will come around. Her younger daughter is excited, but Molly is jumpy and mega-nervous. Olivia drags her feet returning the family vehicle, seemingly wanting out of the happy reunion. A flustered Olivia finally returns home, and is peeved by her mother’s obsessed jitters. The family makes it to the airport, Luis arrives, and Molly’s hyperactive giggles overwhelm the scene.

Luis can’t wait to grope, maul, kiss and smell his future wife in person. Olivia dubs the spectacle “not normal,” but you can barely hear her analysis over her mother’s ecstatic giggles. 


Elizabeth and Andrei

Andrei is in K1 visa drudgery and Elizabeth’s love tank is empty, so she plans to travel to Ireland to reunite with her future groom. We see the couple chat on the phone, and Andrei bristles at the idea of Elizabeth’s girls night out. Elizabeth marvels at her uncharacteristic willingness to submit to a face on a phone. She later chatters about her guy’s caveman possessiveness, and how women are routinely silenced in his native land. Her friends are surprised by her dramatic personality shift, and even Elizabeth isn’t so sure that she is up to playing the passive wife. 


Josh and Aika

We meet a new couple this week — Joshua, an Arizona home theater technician, and Aika, a hottie from the Philippines. Josh has two kids who want nothing to do with him, and two failed marriages. He proposed to Aika after only five days together, and she immediately accepted. Aika reminds him during a phone call that he’s the provider, which is ok with Josh, because Aika is like the sexy cheerleader he never had.

Josh is living with friends, but appears to have no reservations about inviting her to join in the roommate fun. 

Josh later meets up with his buddies, Joe and Kyle, who chuckle over Josh’s international wife hunt. Joe informs him that romance scams are the it thing among Filipino women, and that Aika could be one shady customer. Josh admits that everyone wants out of the Philippines — except Aika — because her motives are pure. 


Nicole and Azan

We hop over to Morocco, where Azan has just welcomed Nicole and May. The duo checks into a hotel, and Nicole is annoyed that they can’t spend the night with May’s new daddy. Nicole shares the good news about Azan’s wiling sponsor, which makes him happy.

Nicole is dying for a cuddle sesh, but Azan reminds her that the culture is the same as last season. Azan shows up the next day to try out his daddy skills, but takes offense at May’s leashed backpack. He can feel the local judgey eyes boring into his soul, and advises Nicole to let May run free a little. Nicole doesn’t buy it, and as May melts down, Nicole nudges Azan to get control of the toddler.  Azan’s parenting debut is an official bust, and Nicole’s public schooling is a no-no.


Evelyn and David

David is set to arrive from Spain today, and Evelyn is excited. Her father is on board, but wishes that he didn’t have to let go of his girl at the age of 18. Daddy is driving to the airport, because his engaged daughter can’t drive in a big city. Evelyn finally greets David, and their reunion is a joyous one. David is thrilled to be in America for good, but Evelyn’s father suspects that there will be bumps in the road. The trio drives home to New Hampshire, and Evelyn can’t wait to start their lives as an official couple. Evelyn can barely drive a straight line—but it’s time to grow up and be a real adult. David knows that he will miss Granada, and hopes to eventually lure Evelyn to a warmer climate. David is staying with a family friend, Pastor Tim, to gird up the couple’s commitment to purity before marriage. They know it will be tough, and look forward to the end of the 90 days.

The fun continues next week, as Luis settles in, and a dowry is negotiated. 


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