RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Larry’s Cousin Confronts Jenny About Her Green Card Whoring!

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The days are winding down for our 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couples — will they or won’t they put a ring on it?

Larry and Jenny

We join Larry and Jenny, still entrenched in shredded pork hysteria. Larry is intensely remorseful about his cultural bellyflop, so Jenny cuts him a break, and gives him a second chance. Larry decides to make it up to her by sicking his doubting cousins, Carl and Analyn, on her, via video chat. Carl and Analyn have already labeled her a green card whore — but Jenny just wants Carl to give her a chance. Carl shares his “concern,” and busts her for hardcore Facebook flirting. Jenny is defensive, and Carl advises her to cut the attitude if she wants to be well received in America. Larry is perplexed, but brushes off his cousin’s predictable opinion, knowing that his Jenny is no social media slut. Jenny notes that she’s sad that Larry did not defend her.

We later see the couple frolicking on the beach, basking in ocean passion, the day before Larry’s departure. Larry is googly eyed, but Jenny hasn’t forgotten the shade thrown by his cousin. Jenny is worried about having to meet her critics face-to-face, but Larry is willing to ditch his family for his Filipino spam girl. They agree that their true love will convince his family, and Larry officially decides that Jenny is the one. Larry is following his heart, and plans to propose.


Sean and Abby

We travel to Haiti, and see Sean, still entrenched in the worry over Abby’s scabies soulmate, Chris. Sean is preparing to leave Haiti and is trusting Abby to keep her legs clamped in his absence. The couple shares one last embrace, while Sean wonders when he should call this whole mess off. Abby is sad to see Sean go — but is ready to take their love back online. Sean clearly doesn’t trust Abby — giving their uninspiring relationship a 2 out of 10. Sean trusts Abby only 25% of nothing — but is willing to push on, proving his desperation to be beyond pathetic.


Paul and Karine

Paul and Karine’s love story is hanging by a thread, after Paul revealed his criminal side to his trusting sweetheart. Paul decides to take the plunge and plan a grand engagement, to sweep his Brazilian love off her feet. Paul is determined to find the most romantic spot on earth — which happens to be on the hotel grounds. After all, the locale is lovely, and mugger free. Paul admits that the communication barrier is problematic, but thinks that a big chain heart slung in the sand will say it all. He leads Karine to the heart chain — inside which is a thoughtfully engraved proposal — albeit in a language that Karine cannot understand. Karine struggles with a draggy app, but finally translates the proposal. Paul drops to one knee, wishing that he had gone that extra mile, and sand scratched in Portuguese. Karine gasps in delight — or horror — leaving us all hanging. 


Patrick and Myriam

TLC rewinds the exhausted “other man” melodrama, before we join Patrick and Myriam on a dinner cruise. Patrick is certain that Myriam is caving to his charm, but Myriam declares that she’s just trying to make Patrick’s last night in Paris special. Patrick knows that he has to open up to Myriam  no back flips off the boat allowed. Patrick admits that he’s smitten — as if the public gymnastics didn’t say it all. Patrick begs for a “what if” pretend shout-out — and Myriam admits that he would land in an imaginary second place. Myriam isn’t into Patrick — but Patrick blames the debacle on “bad timing.” Patrick is everything Myriam wants — she just doesn’t know it. Myriam admits that Patrick knows how to treat a woman, and just wishes that her boyfriend would do the same. Patrick believes that their chemistry is red hot, but is willing to go home a single man.

Patrick isn’t giving up, and hopes to make it out of the friend zone one day. Myriam sends him off with a thumbs up, and one last hug. Patrick sets out for the airport, heartbroken and alone. Myriam leaves him a kissy goodbye message on his phone — which further confuses his heart. He reunites with his mother, who is ready to throw down with the woman who hurt her baby boy. She advises him to move on, and date American. Patrick evidently needs to be beaten senseless with “closure” — because he’s still keeping hope alive.


Cortney and Antonio

Cortney reminds us about Antonio’s boink and run, and reveals that the couple got into a blowout, upon Antonio’s cool and collected return. Cortney was demoted to the mini-couch that night, and when Antonio appears, he jumps around between needing space, and keeping Cortney around. Antonio knows that Cortney has “big feeling” for him, but he needs more time to muster the same.

Cortney desires a future with Antonio, and hopes that the time crunch will force Antonio into his own big feelings. Antonio isn’t so sure that he’s ready for such a commitment.

Next week, Cortney separates from Antonio, Larry proposes, Darcey begs for a real engagement ring, and Sean runs back to Abby.


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