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#90DayFiance Star Abby Goes Off and Exposes Women Sliding Into Fiancé Sean’s DMs On Social Media!

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The claws are out!

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days star, Abby, is taking on thirsty groupies, looking to snag her man, Sean Hiler.

The reality couple’s story is playing out on the TLC hit, and the Haitian firecracker has taken to Facebook, to fight off all the lovelies looking to steal away her 47-year-old beau.

Abby posted some screenshots of women coming onto her TLC squeeze — and fired off a comeback.

“I think I’m gonna hold to Sean tighter because there’s plenty of B in the line waiting for us to break up ???? ???? Sean knows what he’s got. The show doesn’t define sh*t about me or Sean. The first trip meeting Sean was only filming, no privacy, getting home at 1:00 am.i felt like I was just hired to play a role… We had no time to talk about anything. The second trip we really enjoyed it, we had time for ourselves, go on dates without a camera crew. And then everything started going the way we want. So good luck with the messages women.”

Abby revealed that the women have been trying to communicate via Facebook — and Sean chimed in, assuring all that he was an open book.

Abby is free to look through my phone any time she wants. I don’t hide things from her,” Sean said. 

The post triggered Abby’s co-star, Cortney, to throw in her two cents, sharing  about her own experience. 

“So thirsty and desperate hahah they do it to all of the men on our season like get your happity ass on tinder and find your own man,” Cortney wrote.

Abby assured her followers that all was good with the reality romance — posting a cozy couple beach shot to prove it.

“Thank you for bringing so much joy to my heart.  ❤ every moment with you is filled with the largest smiles, the silliest laughs, the stupidest jokes!” Abby penned. 

Browse a gallery below of private messages sent to Sean that Abby posted on Facebook:


Who knew that Sean was such a chick magnet? Back off bitches — because Abby’s watching! Enjoy a video below of Sean chowing down a Haitian delicacy — chicken feet.

Watch Sean and Abby’s questionable love story on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, tonight at 8 pm, ET, on TLC.


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