Kim Zolciak Dragged By #RHOA Fans For Posting Several Photos Of Black People To Prove She’s Not Racist!

Posted on Oct 20 2017 - 10:57am by Avigail

Is Kim Zolciak-Biermann so desperate to prove she’s not racist that she’s playing, “I have a black friend” card? 

Well, social media is calling out The Real Housewives of Atlanta star for using the cheap tactic. Fans are pointing out that Zolciak has been doing damage control by using her African-American acquaintances (friends?) to try and mask her bigoted rep.

All hell broke loose when Zolciak posted a photo of herself with her “black,” stylist hanging out during festivities related to the televised wedding of Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’Oir. I will point out that Kim’s stylist, Shun Melson, was acting in a working capacity — she dressed Zolciak for the wedding. 

Reality TV fans were alarmed by the photo and commented on the odd timing amid racist allegations levied against Zolciak.

“Seems like someone is trying to prove they are not a racist,” one person wrote.

Another person chimed in to cosign the observation, “I’ve noticed that too now all of a sudden there’s an increase of photos with african American friends it’s weird”

And the comments continued, accusing Zolciak of a cover up.

“When you continue to post your black friends to prove a point “

“Another black friend ????????????”

“Every other post is a “see, I have black friends” ????????????”

“it’s like she is holding a big sign that says “black lives matter” she tries to hard..”

“Just trying to prove she’s not a racist lol”

A fan called out the reality star for deleting comments that did not support her narrative.

“Kim stop deleting comments ! You knew her for 7 years so why are you just posting a pic with “your friend” girl you are a racist ! Stop doing all these “Black things “ to cover up who you are !!!”

A different person mentioned that black friends or pictures with black people does not automatically mean you’re not racist. 

“Posting a pic of you and your stylist doesn’t change the fact that you are a racist @kimzolciakbiermann – your publicist told confirmed this many years ago and also by the way that you treat your little house slave “sweetie” . I don’t expect you to be honest because you are a compulsive liar ????????????????????????”

Zolciak then posted the following video of herself dancing at the wedding. 

Once again, fans expressed the same sentiment.

“that was my first impression when I saw the video. It’s like they’re trying to prove a point with her and her daughter.. why in the world would you post something like this now when she hasn’t been seen with this girl on social media for a while. I know Kim is not racist but this just makes people come to the same conclusion that we came to. It does not look appropriate for right now.. looks like she’s trying too hard.” did some digging and discovered Zolciak’s official Instagram account started posting a heavy influx of African-Americans after NeNe Leakes accused Zolciak of being racist on October 3. 

After the photo above with Zolciak’s co-star, Sheree Whitfield, was posted last week — more fan backlash ensued. 

“Oh come on now you go and bring out your black friend and put her out there so that you’re running the streets with her first it was Sheree now it’s this chick what you said about Mimi was racist but that doesn’t mean that you are a racist there is a distinction you just need to come or where sending that video out was just below the belt the street to talking and you’re going back to the house wife wasn’t the best thing that they thought it was going to be so you just trying to make some noise stop it!”

Tell us what you think — is Kim trying to cover up something? Share your thoughts below in the comment section!


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