#LHHH Mona Scott-Young Wants Hazel E FIRED Over Homophobic and Racist Comments!

Posted on Oct 20 2017 - 1:04pm by Avigail

Hazel E has really done it this time!

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood powerhouse Mona Scott-Young is pissed off with Hazel-E‘s over recent racist and homophobic remarks.

The derogatory comments were so vile, Scott-Young feels the LHHH platform is no place for Hazel E and wants her fired immediately.

“Sources close to the ‘LHHH’ executive producer tell TMZ … she made it clear with VH1 she expects Hazel to get booted from the show for saying gays should burn in hell, but contrary to popular belief … Mona doesn’t get final say on personnel decisions.”

The Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star’s boyfriend Rose Burgandy, went on a homophobic posting spree earlier this week. He wished all gays a “fiery death,” and Hazel E cosigned all of it. Hazel E made multiple posts saying she wasn’t sorry for what she posted before issuing the following apology.

Repost from @theshaderoom using @RepostRegramApp – TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne _____________________________ Well, we all knew this was coming #Roommates. It was really only a matter of time but #HazelE has created an apology video that addresses her homophobic comments from yesterday during an interview with @TMZ_TV. __________________________________ We all saw #HazelE and her boyfriend #RoseBurgandy go on a homophobic posting spree where Rose wished all gays a fiery death and Hazel cosigned for everyone to see. Well now that the heat has been turned up, Hazel is apologizing and claiming her comments were taken out of context. Please note she made multiple posts saying she wasn't sorry for what she said before this video, even calling herself "Uncle Rukus" for her comments about black women. ________________________________ In the 2 minute video, Hazel admits it wasn’t the smartest thing to do but also low-key defended her actions, saying—read more at theshaderoom.com

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The Girl Code author also went after co-star’s: Brooke Valentine, Moniece Slaughter and comedian Jess Hilarious for being “jealous” of her lighter complexion. She went as far as even calling herself, “Uncle Rukus” for her comments about black women.

#HazelE is catching SERIOUS heat for posting this message on her IG 👀🤔 #LHHH

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  • Evil Queen

    Rose Burgandy! Sounds like a MACHO name to me!
    Hazel-E sounds like a veneral disease?
    Funny. People that want to cast stones & predictions are usually the ones with the most sins of all.
    Sure between the 2 of them. 15 different bastard babies. Baby Mammas/ Daddies all over the US.
    She looks like a tired stripper.
    Just comical.

    • Trippinhhard

      Hazel don’t have any children but she use to date Kat Williams,——that also should tell you something about her
      Hazel actually has a college degree, but being a hood rat pays more
      So it was okay for her to put her own race down, by putting the light skin and dark skin rule some still adhere to, but to open up on Gays is more important.. GTFOOH
      Oh I forget they are the new in crowd now. SMDH
      Mona Scott herself is a sellout, check out her old pictures, she’s another build an old whorer.. She was ugly with a capital U, I am not joking check out her old pictures Hazel went to Dubai to work the circuit (whoring for big money) they broke her nose and she had to get a nose job— they treat women like shit literally
      Model and the Kardishins are always going there to whore for the big $$$$$
      I hope Kim did something about that smelly fanny she had per RayJ

  • Bryan

    Why are these people even given a showcase for being some foul, do we really need to see this kind of nonsense on TV and not just this show I mean for all of these shows that love to take people who are the dregs of humanity and present them as if we the public need to have them in our lives!!!?!?

    • Trippinhhard

      Cheap labor and big money for the Jews that produce these shows..
      Mona gets these entertainers at a very cheap ass rate. Some of them don’t make 20K a season to put yourself in a horrible light to the world.. The dumb fool actually has a college degree and acting like a junior high school kid
      There’s no help at all fo being stupid, they don have enough money for me to do any of all these reality shows..

      • RealitytvJunkie

        Your an anti-Semite!

        • Trippinhhard

          No I’m not my mother is half Jewish and she called herself self a Jew maker. So find something else to say. I always stated I’m four breeds. My parents are mixed breeds and so are al 8 of us. U mean to hats all you read was Jews that s who they are

      • GirlPlz

        They don’t deserve 20k

        • Trippinhhard

          IKR someone stated they make 3K a show, that’s very cheap labor to be shown as a stupid fool.. I can’t with these shows, I like Below the deck, the only Bravo show I still like..

    • RealitytvJunkie

      That comment has racist undertones. I don’t see you ever criticizing white shows.

      • Bryan

        Really then you not paying attention???, and if you go looking for headaches you are going to not like what you find, and if you read it again you can see I said ALL of these shows, and I mean ALL reality show, You decided to take this to some place where it shouldn’t go, Next time use your head and not jump to assumptions

        • Chloe

          Bryan read the comment below from RealitytvJunkie. The above account is not her.

          • Bryan

            Thanks Chloe =)

        • Wicked Cupcake

          Bravo Bryan!!!! Wtf! Is this person for real?

          • Bryan

            Thank you, it looks like it was done more for effect, I just don’t get this kind of behavior

          • Wicked Cupcake

            Who does. just creepy and weird. Hijacking someone else’s screen name then going on the attack. Strange.

  • equinox2009

    Trash-that’s what this is-right before your eyes-TRASH

  • the underground train

    This bitch has some nerve! After getting played by washed up rapper young berg and dumped by Katt Williams she wants to put down other women. Just because some man wants to put a paper bag over your ugly head while fuck!ng you does not mean you passed the brown paper bag test!

  • GirlPlz

    Who is this ratchet mess

  • Bryan

    Good to know it wasn’t you and thanks for the heads up, =)

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Good morning Bryan. Thank you and can you keep an eye out if he tries it again because you know he will. He seems unstable and bit obsessed.

      • Bryan

        You’re welcome , now that I know whats going on, I will be aware.