Jeff Lewis Asks a Tearful Jenni Pulos to Be His Daughter’s Godmother On #FlippingOut Season 10 Finale! (Video)

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Thursday night’s Flipping Out Season 10 finale promises to be a tear-jerker when Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards choose a godmother for their baby girl — Monroe Christine.

The new parents did not take the decision lightly when they asked longtime friends, Jenni Pulos and Chaz Dean, if they would be up for the task. In a preview clip of tonight’s season finale, Jenni holds back tears as she accepts the honorable delegation. 

“I’m really honored and touched that they would ask me because we’ve had some tough times,” says Pulos, a mother of two herself to 4-month-old daughter Georgia Grace and 4-year-old daughter Alianna Marika. “But the lesson is when you stick things out with people that you care about, your relationship is stronger for it.”

Chaz is equally taken aback and excited to take on the role of Monroe’s lifelong spiritual role model. 

“It was really incredible,” Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, adds. “I’m excited to watch her grow and teach her and watch her evolve in life. And I know Jeff and I, we have a really strong bond. We get each other. But we’re really opposite. I’m very emotional and focused and he’s — I don’t want to say he’s disconnected from emotion, but you get what I mean.”

Jenni is Jeff’s Executive Assistant on the show and often his voice of reason in real life. The two have been friends for years, so it was only natural he chose Jenni, 44.

“Well, Jenni’s one of my closest friends. She’s also very religious so I think she will take the job very seriously,” he says in the clip.

As for why he asked Dean, “Chaz is the richest person I know,” Jeff jokes.

Don’t miss the Season 10 finale of Flipping Out on Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET, on Bravo.


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