#RHOC Recap: Shannon Confesses Her Rocky Marriage Is A Roommate Situation!

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Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County is full of conflict and drama! Things get worse between Shannon and Peggy over David’s cancer confusion, but who among us hasn’t suffered from cancer confusion at some point with this show? And what would a season of RHOC be without a psychic? Can I get a woo-hoo! We begin with Lydia telling Doug about the “godfather” of Iceland’s interest in their magazine. She suggests they go without him and recommends she brings the ladies. Lydia asks Doug if she’s an idiot for agreeing to this. Obviously this is a rhetorical question.

Over at Tamra’s, she calls Shannon to find out the 411 on what David actually said to Diko. Shannon says David explained he was confused about Peggy’s cancer and tried to clarify if she did or didn’t have it. Tamra and Shannon get into a heated argument about letting this go. Shannon sounds unhinged as she tells Tamra to stop asking questions about it. Tamra tells Shannon to eff off but after she ends the call.

Next, we join Vicki for a visit with her cardiologist because she’s concerned about her stress levels. Flashbacks are shown of Vicki freaking out. Unfortunately, the doctor advises her that she has a heart murmur, some blockage and a slightly enlarged upper chamber — just like her mom. Vicki wants to stay healthy for her kids and grandkids so they won’t have a void without her. The doctor ensures Vicki there’s nothing dangerous about this diagnosis and the cure is to stop and smell the roses.The doctor’s that agree to be on this show, am I right?

Meghan is having a dinner party which includes Mystic Michaela as the party favor. Meghan goes to Mystic Michaela for EVERYTHING. Meghan even consulted her about her IVF. I’m sure Jimmy found it fascinating too  Not. Tamra, Shannon, Peggy and Lydia will be the only ladies attending. Meghan warns Mystic not to scare her friends because they are all hiding something. Peggy is the first to arrive and makes it crystal clear she’s not interested in having her aura read. No way. No how. 

Across town, Vicki goes to Kelly’s house. Vicki tells her about her doctor’s visit and Kelly reminds her that a bad ticker is what killed her mom. Vicki says her pastor told her not to be in the same room as a psychic and Kelly says she finds psychics to be scary.

Back with Mystic, she explains that Shannon’s aura is fully positive. Translation: fully positively crazy. Of course, Shannon thinks Mystic is brilliant. Tamra is a down the middle yellow/purple and Shannon is indigo center with surrounding yellow. Yellow means spiritual. By the way, is it rude of me to mention how bad Meghan’s boobs look in that strapless shirt? The girls have moved from the den to the dining room table for their catered dinner. It is at this moment when I’m reminded of the dinner with the psychic on RHOBH. I say a quick prayer to the reality gods that the same thing happens here. There’s a knock on the door, but it’s just Lydia. I totally forgot she was coming, and of course, she’s not into psychics.

Lydia tells the girls about the trip to Iceland. Peggy asks where Iceland is and informs the ladies she’s never been on a girls’ trip. I don’t think we need to ask the psychic what a cluster-fuck this trip will be. And not to leave Vicki and Kelly out, Lydia calls them in front of the girls and they say yes to Iceland, too!

Back at Kelly’s house, Vicki isn’t feeling well as it sinks in that she’s going on this trip and so is Tamra. Kelly promises to have Vicki’s back  unlike anyone had hers in Ireland.

Back at Meghan’s, Peggy announces something is bothering her. Peggy wants to know why Shannon hasn’t returned her calls. Shannon explains she and David didn’t like that Diko asked Shannon about the cancer comment when she wasn’t there for it. Peggy says, “Are you done?” The drops a bomb, “Do you trust your husband. Has he ever lied to you about anything else?” Every woman at the table drops their mouths to the ground.

Shannon says, rather aggressively, “Today, yes I do. Last week, not so much.” But really, Peggy, you never ask a woman this question  in any country. And it’s nobody’s business if Peggy had cancer or not.

Tamra tries to referee, but Lydia accuses Shannon of “mad dogging” the situation. Love it. Stealing it. Finally the women STFU and let Peggy speak. Peggy explains that her cancer is none of David’s business. Peggy says Diko was talking to Doug and David should have walked away from the boat they were all trapped on. Meghan tells Peggy to hurry up with her ‘splainin cuz dinner’s getting cold. Peggy then tells Shannon, “Who cares about your feelings and your husband’s feelings.”  Shannon gets up and walks away, and like a fake good friend, Tamra follows.

Lydia wants to know what’s happening and why they left the table as if they’re seven years-old. Let’s ask the psychic! But nobody does. They decide Shannon and Peggy should discuss the matter now that Shannon is calm. SHE’S CALM. SHE’S CALM. Back off, she’s calm. By themselves, Shannon explains that David only wanted to offer the names of cancer doctors because he’s in the construction business. And furthermore, David was not happy to hear that the fragile Diko spoke to Shannon about this. When Shannon asks Peggy if she’s that frightening, again I ask, is this a rhetorical question? As Peggy leaves, and then Lydia, Shannon can be heard clucking in the background that she’s tired of being the asshole no one sticks up for. So are we, Shannon. So are we. Peggy and Lydia ride home together, blaming Shannon for being crazy. Back inside, Tamra tells Shannon to stop being so emotional about every little thing. And the dinner party ends without stealing the trophy of Psychic Dinner from Hell from RHOBH.

The following day, Shannon goes to Tamra’s house because we haven’t discussed this enough. Tamra is happy. She’s just received a text from her daughter Sydney inviting her to her graduation. Tamra knew God would take the wheel  even though the car is back in the ditch. Shannon finally admits she’s not over David’s affair and they are living as roommates. Ouch. But Tamra understands what Shannon is going through because when her marriage to Simon ended she went crazy too. But Shannon is hopeful things will work out because divorce is not an option. Ever. Life sentence.

Let’s go to Iceland! After the ladies figure out the complicated thing called packing, they meet at the airport. Meghan is bringing her baby along because she’s still breastfeeding. Remember when she quit so she could drink during St. Patrick’s Day? I wonder if she’ll do that again. The plane takes off and the only problem so far is that Kelly accidentally spills her champagne on Vicki

Tune in next week to see the beautiful country of Iceland hopefully the ladies don’t go mad-dogging and ruin it. 


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