Lydia McLaughlin Spills MAJOR Tea About #RHOC Season 12 Reunion!

Posted on Oct 17 2017 - 12:27pm by BeachSpin

Lydia McLaughlin posted some event pics on Instagram over the weekend — and spilled a hint about the upcoming Real Housewives of Orange County reunion.

Lydia and hubby, Doug McLaughlin, had a party celebrating the one year milestone and fall launch of their magazine, Nobleman, on Friday. Lydia struck a pose with co-stars, Kelly Dodd, Vicki Gunvalson, and Peggy Sulahian, sharing the click on Instagram. The photo was a keeper — but the dish was in the hashtag. “My girls came out to celebrate @noblemanmagazine fall launch and I’m so grateful for their friendships and support. #ReunionCouch #rhoc#noblemanmagazine,” Lydia wrote.

Meghan King Edmonds
was not in the group shot — but was in attendance, and also posted about the event.


What an unbelievable event @oclydia !! #nobleman #nobu #rhoc

A post shared by Kelly Dodd (@rhoc_kellyddodd) on

Tamra Judge
and Shannon Beador were conspicuously absent from Lydia’s bash — but Tamra also used Instagram to post a spot-on nod to the upcoming reunion taping. Tamra wrote, 
“Witch selfie — trying out reunion looks — thoughts?  #benice#ReunionStrong.”

The ladies are headed to Iceland in Bravo time — and Lydia posted a flashback photo on Monday — foreshadowing a similar dynamic leading into the post-season sit-down. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County
reunion taping is expected to go down later this month. Stay tuned!


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  • Peggy looks a lot better when she’s not wearing hot pink lipstick.

    • purehockeyfan

      soooooo true! who is she, Debbie Gibson?

    • Elizabeth Fisher

      or bright red lipstick. When she wears pale colors or nudes, she looks really good.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      Lol, I despise her in that color.

      • CrustyLugholes

        I despise her.

      • FakeRealityTV

        The ‘just got laid’ hairdo has run it’s course as well.

        • BigBrothersMother

          Perfect description.

        • Chickpea16


  • Elizabeth Fisher

    I will give them props for dressing comfortably for the long overseas flight. I always think it is so ridonkulous at some of the clothes the HW wear on 10-18 hour flights (dresses and stiletto heels). Atlanta is the worst when it comes to over-dressing for flights.

  • JrzShoreLady

    Tamrat’s outfit is perfect for her!! Shows her true colors.

    • Lulu


  • BigBrothersMother

    I see Lydia’s wearing her spats again for the Nobleman party. Not a good look. Wth is Vicki wearing at the airport? Looks like a knitted sack.

    • Trippinhhard

      Sweatshirt dress they were out in the 80’s I wore them out and I met my husband.. I recall he said damn I’ve never seen you wear anything that short, with pantyhose and high heels Girl you were the shit with that on, dancing your heart away.. Vicki is stuck on stupid and ignorance.. We are too old for that shit leave that for your daughters..

  • OnlyInterestedInTheTruth

    What in the world is Dopey, I mean Lydia, wearing? Dark hose, silver dress? yikes.

    • MissScarletwithaRevolver

      Dopey is perfect for Lydia.

    • bjeans1

      It’s her Sunday best to go to church dress.

  • MissScarletwithaRevolver

    I thin Peggy is very pretty but even the prettiest person will begin to look ugly when they sneer as much as she does.

  • Emilia 221

    what is the major tea that Lydia spilled about the reunion? I read it twice but it’s been a long day. Misleading headline or am I missing something?

  • CrustyLugholes

    Lydia makes me feel nauseated. She’s so judgmental and hypocritical. All she does is stir crap. Gossiping, hateful, wanting to create drama beotch! Get lost you little simpleton. Go away please!

    • Lulu

      Thank you. That’s exactly what I see too. She’s vile.

    • mufffie

      I could never, ever, ever be friends with a person like her….can barely stand to look at her, well except looking at those bug eyes !!!

  • Just My Opinion

    I think all the weed smoke that Lydia was exposed to growing up burnt out her brain !!

  • penny 2

    So now we know who is sitting where. Not a big surprise.

  • Deardorff

    Peggy always looks like she hasn’t showered for days.

    • wellWellwell

      Her hair is a nasty mess. I get adoring my self with jewels, that many on my ears? That’s a nasty NO for me.

    • mufffie

      I have been trying to think of how to describe what she looks like and you DD have nailed it !!! that’s exactly what she looks like.. yuk .

  • Deardorff

    Jeez ya think Lydia could have dressed more business-like and not so casual for her out company’s party? She looks like she’s heading to the store.

    • wellWellwell

      She looks like a ‘Flower Power Child’ or straight azz homeless in LA. The invite scene with the long jean skirt reminded me of the.. Bible beating days of my youth.

    • mufffie

      and who the hell wears black tights with a mini light blue dress and light blue shoes…that look absolutely redic !!!

  • GirlPlz

    Where’s the reunion tea?

    • Bryan

      I was wondering that too LOL

    • LuxLuxLux

      this site takes click bait to another level

      • Emilia 221

        Was enjoying this site a few months back…wondering if it’s worth checking anymore.

  • Amanda

    Loved Lydia’ s picture of her and the girls, they are all beautiful. And I love a united front, keep it up ladies!

    • GirlPlz

      so it’s a mob?

  • Lulu

    Gee Lydia maybe it’s you??

    You’re so judgemental and high fallutin, spoiled and mean-spirited.

    You can’t be around transgenders, belly dancers, psychics. You’re so offended by everyone but what you FAIL to see is you’re OFFENSIVE.

    You love to instigate and gas light shannon ad- nauseum. And now it looks like you throw a menu at tamra in Iceland.

    You’re not a friendship whisperer but truly a shit – stirrer


    • GirlPlz

      She is that annoying little bitch who tries to emotionally manipulate her boyfriend or anyone to get her way

  • Beckygrey

    Why are all these women so shinny

    • wellWellwell

      Even the bald guy behind them, isn’t that shinny.

  • wellWellwell

    Lydia is soooo extra…so obvious Bravo!!

  • LuxLuxLux

    What’s the tea?

  • Mrs.K

    Nobleman. Nice name but who still buys magazines?! Old ladies who do not know what internet connection is?

  • Beth Snyder

    She’s on the show just to promote this ridiculous magazine. If you recall she was previously on the show to put the Dubrows current house in their real estate magazine but they couldnt get the cover. The show should be called the Real Housewives of Marketing because they all see the Bethenny platform and now they all want it. Greedy and seedy

  • OMFG

    Lydiot is the the poster child of why you should not do marijuana WHILE pregnant. Just look at her We Todd Ed outlook on life. The only reason she is anyone is because of the ovarian lottery. Her hubby was missing his balls LONG before she found him.

  • Betty

    Lydia is a bore. Who cares. The “lifestyle magazine” will fail.