RECAP: #ShahsofSunset Reza’s Divorce Comments Drives Adam To Question Their Marriage!

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Mazel tov! It’s the season finale for the Shahs of Sunset. Some crazy shit went down this season that makes you wonder if these people really even like each other. There’s been some growth for GG, but it was mostly one step forward, two steps back. And the most fascinating detail from tonight’s show is that MJ once took an acting class with Monica Lewinsky and Erik Menendez. But let’s get this party started anyway! GG and Reza stop by the offices of Kevin, the flamboyant event planner of the Real Housewives, to have him plan their finale party. As they shop for the she-she-she party favors, GG tells Reza that Jessica sent Mike’s mom an email asking for a second chance with her son. That won’t be happening. Mike’s mom shut that down. Reza tasks GG with the job of telling Mike’s mom to butt out. Now who should be tasked to tell Reza to butt out?

Next up, Tommy and MJ are on their way to the hospital, wearing matching Christmas PJ’s, with a cranky Vida in the backseat. Plus they’re bringing the dogs – all three of them – which I did not know you could do. MJ tells her mom she’s an effing bitch for not visiting her ex-husband in over a month. And Vida must have had a quick lobotomy before stepping into his room because she is very nice. They take a holiday photo and it’s actually kind of cute.

Now it’s time for Reza’s play. It’s called “The Gay Café” and it’s about two grandmothers who begrudgingly plan their gay grandsons’ wedding. Reza says his play is way better than GG’s play because his deals with heavy shit, but spoiler alert, it’s not and it doesn’t. It would help if MJ actually knew her lines. Perhaps GG could step in. So is this play a comedy or a tragedy? Sadly, it’s both. It’s hard to take Reza seriously when he’s dressed as a woman with a thick mustache, which is funny, but maybe that’s how his grandmother was in real life, which is a tragedy. The conflict isn’t that two men are marrying, the conflict is that two men of different religions are marrying.

Cut to Mike in a testimonial explaining that at first his parents were not on board with his wanting to marry Jessica. Not only was she not Persian, but Jessica wasn’t a Jew. The last line of the play is to let the families live in harmony – however the real question is why is Jessica getting the blame? Does Mike’s mom not realize her son screwed up their marriage by cheating? And scene.

Over at Reza’s condo, Adam wants to know the timeline on buying a house and starting a family, because it’s their storyline and it’s the finale. Reza says he’s waiting for two properties to sell which will net around $480K. Adam says that will make a nice deposit. Entitled much? Reza and Adam get into a tiff over Reza comparing him to a stupid chicken bitch. Then Reza freaks out when one of the cats claws a throw blanket. Hopefully these homes won’t sell for a long, long time.

Next up, Asa is still pregnant. She’s at 35 weeks and hungry, but can’t eat and she can’t work because she has no energy. Reza asks if MJ and Mike can visit once the baby comes. Asa pretty much says no. You see, she is no longer the partier she was six years ago. She has grown up and the others haven’t.

Before they go to the party, Reza and Adam stop by MJ’s place to pre-party, but really it’s so we can see the condo makeover and observe Adam and Reza get into another tiff. The condo is nice, though it looks like a furniture showroom due to all the stuff crammed into the small space. Adam is upset because Reza has once again dropped the D word. No, it’s not diva, it’s the other D word, divorce. Mike arrives, interrupting the fight. MJ wants Adam and Reza to continue fighting so she can insert herself into it, but they don’t. Meanwhile, Mike finally notices the condo’s transformation.

It’s party time! The men are all in tuxes and the women broke out their fake furs. The party is getting started and Mike says something interesting about the buffet. He says white people turn their noses up at buffets. We do? I didn’t get that memo. White people love buffets. My fav is the dessert buffet. But enough about me, GG is flashing her cubic zirconia engagement ring to everyone, and if they say it’s nice, she corrects them by saying, No, it’s not nice, it’s huge – like her anger issues.

Mike’s mom, Sue, arrives and he presents her with a corsage like she’s his prom date. Reza reminds GG that she is the chosen one to tell Mike’s mom to get over the fact that even though her son cheated on Jessica, she now wants to get back together with him. GG pulls Sue aside to tell her they know about the email and that Mike and Jessica still have feelings for each other.

Up walks Mike who wants to know what the hell GG is doing, talking to his mom. Sue tells Mike not to worry, she’ll let GG have it all by herself. He walks a few steps away and leers. GG asks if Sue could give Jessica another chance. The short answer is no. The long answer is no effing way.

Mike goes after GG reads her the riot act for getting involved in his business and causing problems. GG tells him to go talk to Reza because this was his stupid idea. Or is Mike afraid to confront Reza? Mike confronts Reza and then runs away like a girl. Reza follows him and explains that Jessica sent his mother an email asking for a second chance. It certainly looks like Mike had no idea about this letter. He then goes to confront his mom, gently. Mike flatters his mother but tells her this is his decision, not hers. And like a good girlfriend mother, Sue says she supports Mike 100%. Mike thanks his mom by telling her she’s the most important woman in his life. Exactly.

At the bar, MJ asks Adam about his fight with Reza. Adam says he is currently reevaluating being married to Reza because of his dismissive ways. MJ calls Reza over and says, What’s up with threatening divorce? Reza denies saying this, but then apologizes and says it was in the heat of the moment. Reza insists that after six years of being on this show, he’s now a better version of himself, and so is everyone else in the group, except Asa. She’s on an island all by herself.

GG gives a thank you speech and flashes her ring once again. Cut to a sign that says: 1 month later and a cell phone video is shown of GG and Shalom getting married in a very low class key ceremony. Cut to another sign that says: 2 months later and shows the headlines that GG & Shalom have split up. Wow – didn’t see that coming, said no one at all. There is no update on Asa. And scene.

Tune in next week for Part 1 reunion of the Shahs of Sunset mud-slinging fight.


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