RECAP: No Romance Without Fiance! Annie’s Prepared To Dump Broke David On #90DayFiance!

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A new couple enters the mix on this week’s 90 Day Fiance — what’s next for the rest?

Nicole and Azan

Nicole is preparing to drag her toddler across the globe to meet her “Daddy,” as the episode kicks off. The pair are about to leave for Morocco — although Nicole has been unimpressed with Azan’s enthusiasm. Nicole is an unorganized mess, but hopes to prove that she really has it together as a globetrotting mommy. Nicole’s mom, Robalee, drives them to the airport, and prepares her daughter for another round of Azan’s “big a little bit” feedback. Nicole promised to drop a few pounds during their romantic off-season, but obviously failed. Her mom wishes that she would be more careful with her daughter — but Nicole thinks that Azan will prove himself daddy worthy. Robalee is emotional at the separation, and is worried sick about little May. The duo arrives in Casablanca, and Nicole is exhausted from the trip. Azan is there to meet them, and is ready to bring the romance. He greets May warmly, and Nicole hopes that Azan will deliver legit daddy love. She oddly references being  “jealous” of a two-year-old — because her toddler is scoring lots of legal smooches from the man of the hour. Nicole hopes that her Moroccan prince will come through — because she has already sold May a happily ever after.


Evelyn and David

Evelyn, a 18-year-old singer/songwriter from New Hampshire, is a fresh addition to the cast. She comes from a close-knit Christian family, who performs in a band together. Evelyn is working to build a social media following as her musical career takes flight, which is how she connected with David. David is from Granada, and is 8 years Evelyn’s senior. Evelyn traveled to Spain to meet David, and described their first meeting as love at first sight. David proposed during the trip, and has applied for the K1 visa. David is prepping for his final interview, and if all goes well, will be in America soon. David and Evelyn are committed to no sex before marriage, and will not be living under the same roof for the three months. Evelyn’s family is supportive, but Evelyn knows that problems are inevitable.

Evelyn later meets up with a pal, who isn’t so thrilled about Evelyn’s fairy tale. Mikayla has been a fearless boyfriend critic, and David is no different. Evelyn gushes that all you need is love, while Mikayla tries to bring her down to earth. The couple has only spent 2 weeks together, and will be married in under a year. Mikayla wishes that Evelyn would explore the world, and grow up while she’s at it. Evelyn knows that Jesus has taken the wheel — but Mikayla isn’t so sure. Evelyn and her mom later sweat out the visa suspense, but soon learn that David was successful.


Molly and Luis

We catch up with Molly, meeting up with her mother to hash out her unconventional love life. Molly’s daughter has voted no on Luis, and Molly hopes that her mother will lend her support. Her mother was surprised that the fling turned serious, and is worried that Luis might nudge her out. She believes that the real deal is yet to be revealed, but her father thinks that Luis is a shyster. Her mother shades Molly’s father as a bigot, getting a sharp dig in during a confessional spot.

Molly’s brother, Jess, makes an appearance, and the sibs meet up with their father for dinner. Dad pushes his daughter to set a pure example for her girls, and reminds her that Dominican men can be green card desperate. Molly hopes that he will trust her, and that the 90 days will prove to be a heart changer. 


David and Annie

David begins his segment by complaining about the high cost of scoring a hottie from Thailand. The couple shops for the gold requirement, which lands around a hefty $7k. David talks down the figure, hoping to secure his true love at a clearance price. Annie understands, but isn’t so sure that her parents will be on board. The couple later discusses their financial future during a boat excursion, and Annie is peeved at her groom’s broke status.

David explains that his divorce wiped him out, and that life in America isn’t defined by Hollywood. Annie is concerned that she’s headed for a life of Kentucky poverty, but David assures her that he will take care of her, no matter what. 

We meet a new couple next week, and Luis busts onto the scene. Don’t miss it!


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