RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Jesse Surprises Darcey With A Fake Proposal & Patrick Pushes Myriam Too Far!

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The days are ticking away on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Are the couples moving closer to or further away from a forever true love?

Paul and Karine

The episode begins with Paul and Karine, post machete mugging. Paul is sorry that he fled in shame, carelessly leaving his love to ward off thugs on her own. Karine partially blames Paul for putting her life in danger, and isn’t sure that she can forgive her criminal lover. Paul assures her that despite his shady history with protection orders, he would never hurt her. Karine notes that existing as a dirty liar proves that claim to be false. Paul promises honesty from now on, so Karine reluctantly lets him off the hook. The countdown is about up — and Paul only has two days to decide about a proposal. Paul is fighting for Karine — but is somehow still on the fence.


Larry and Jenny

We join Larry and Jenny, still reeling from the roasted pig fiasco. Jenny confirms to a producer that her family is offended, and tells Larry to take his luggage elsewhere. Larry is baffled for a solution, and Jenny appears heartbroken. Larry apologizes to Jenny’s parents for the blatant disrespect, and leaves with Jenny, who is still distraught. Larry decides to back off, and give Jenny space, still semi-clueless about his cultural gaffe. He then whines about Jenny’s lack of understanding, while Jenny shares that she believes their romance to be doomed. Larry apologizes again, and reminds her that he loves her a lot more than a pile of scary pork. Jenny weakly caves, but Larry is not confident, and thinks he may have blown it.


Patrick and Myriam

Patrick and Myriam are still in the middle of the same tired predicament — Patrick loves Myriam, and Myriam is taken. Patrick is pretty sure that his sexy back flips are swaying his dream girl over to Team Patrick, especially because her beau ignores her most of the time. Patrick decides to mix up his game, and take Myriam to the gym. Myriam isn’t thrilled, especially when Patrick begins to put her through a touchy-feely exercise. The grope-fest makes Myriam uncomfortable, and she sees straight through his rather obvious game. Patrick schools Myriam’s boyfriend’s lame skills, hoping to sell her another option — namely him. Myriam becomes upset at his transparent analysis, and Patrick quickly apologizes. Myriam tells him to cut the boyfriend chatter, and he agrees.


Cortney and Antonio

Cortney begins the couple’s segment informing viewers that she officially put out, and did the deed with Antonio. The “connection/chemistry/passion” was legit — the update a sure doozy for her parents. Cortney loves seeing Antonio in his black undies, but his tiny apartment is a tad stressful. The AC breaks, and Cortney panics about boiling in a shoebox, but Antonio assures her that sleeping on the beach is always an option. Cortney does not appreciate his blasé home repair attitude, and Antonio is sick of her complaining. Antonio later takes off — vamoosing to his mother’s house for her washing machine and cool house. Cortney is frustrated that she put out only to be shut out. Antonio later returns, and is puzzled by Cortney’s sweaty attitude. Cortney sees through his cool and collected excuses — and sheds a few tears. Antonio finally got what he wanted from the whiny American, and he might be ready to cut her loose. 


Sean and Abby

Sean is preparing to leave Haiti, and his relationship with scabby Abby hangs in the balance. Abby is peeved that Sean can’t accept her “friendship” with Chris, which Abby smirkily admits to producers is one defined by “love.” Sean hopes to repair their relationship, despite the fact that Chris will be tempting Abby for four days in his absence. Abby wants to fix her free ride to America, and reaffirms her love for Sean. Sean asks her to promise to keep her green card-grubbing hands off Chris — and she agrees.


Darcey and Jesse

We catch up with Darcey and Jesse, yet again in their bathrobes, getting ready for the day. Darcey rewinds the drama around her wine whoopsie — a confrontation which Jesse labels a “beautiful learning moment.” Jesse has planned a special day, to celebrate their newfound bond, and Darcey’s faux vow to lay off the booze. Jesse sees a beautiful future, and it begins to look like a proposal is on the horizon. He takes her to a windmill paradise, gets down on one knee, and presents her with a ring — but only to express his “appreciation” — not his forever. The couple babbles about promises and pride, but there’s no denying that Jesse’s “historical moment” fell flat. Darcey is beyond let down, and hopes that she will one day score the real deal. Jesse reiterates that the ring stands for everything BUT an engagement.

Next week, Antonio backs away slowly, Patrick continues to fight for Myriam, and Paul finally pops the question. 


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