Rumor Control: Did #RHOA Star Porsha Williams Really Shave Her Head?

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Porsha Williams unveiled a shocking new look on Instagram this week and the dramatic change left fans shocked.

From the photo posted, it appeared that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star chopped off her lengthy locks. She captioned the photo “Bald is beautiful” – one of the reasons she had us momentarily convinced.

But not so fast!

“Surprise! Porsha did not cut her hair off! This is a part of the process to install her fabulous wigs!” Her stylist Kellon Deryck dished to BET. “This is actually a stocking cap that matches her skin.”

“This technique is part of my #flawlessillusion technique to make wigs look like they are growing from the scalp. Her hair is braided underneath the cap that is customized to replicate a natural scalp! It’s the best way to make your hair unit completelyundetectable,” he added.

Porsha’s stylist was actually prepping her head for a ponytail wig for her new play, Two Can Play At That Game, which opens this weekend.

The reality diva really had us duped but you can rest assured, Porsha still has her hair — it’s just hidden under a wig cap!


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