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Tamra Judge Says Vicki Gunvalson Does NOT Deserve Her Friendship & Attacks Her #RHOC Costar’s Character!

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Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge tried to put their volatile past behind them and move forward but during a recent sit down.

The Real Housewives of Orange County stars met with the best intentions last Monday but things took an ugly turn and nothing got resolved. Tamra is using her Bravo blog to rehash the meeting and slam her former friend.

“I agreed to sit down with Vicki so I could let go of things. I didn’t want it to affect me anymore. If we could find a place where we could move forward, that would be great. But I knew it would take a long time before I trusted her.”

Tamra labels Vicki a liar — blasting her for never admitting wrongdoing. 

“I really do think that Vicki believes her own lies. She’s so used to lying and getting away with it that it’s become a way of life. Even when she’s caught, she calls it “fabricating.” Never truly admitting she’s wrong.”

Bravo cut an hour-long sit-down into 60 seconds — so viewers missed most of the exchange between the former friends, but Tamra walks us through their unseen discussion. She plays innocent when confronted by Vicki on the dirty deeds she’s done.

“Immediately, Vicki accused me of things that I had done to her, none of them true. I asked her for examples of what I did, and she couldn’t give me even one. She just yelled and said I was interrupting her. The whole conversation was about how she’s the victim.”

However, in the same instance she accuses Vicki of never taking accountability for her actions.

“Not once did she admit her guilt. She has no guilt or remorse for spreading rumors about Eddie or inviting people to her party to create bigger lies. She truly believes that everyone in this world has done her wrong, Therefore, she is justified in “punishing” me.”

The mom of four repeats that Vicki spread rumors about her husband, Eddie Judge. Rumors that have existed for years and Tamra herself has acknowledged. 

“Instead of taking responsibility for her own actions, she tried to blame me for the things she was doing to me. All she did was insult me and make up more lies about Eddie.” 

Tamra addresses Vicki’s suggestion that Eddie married her for financial gain and to get a gym out of the deal.

“When I asked Vicki why Eddie would be with me if he was gay, she told me that maybe he wanted me to buy him a gym. WOW! She just created a new lie, one that I have actually heard that she’s been telling people around town. Eddie hasn’t needed my financial help EVER. We are partners in CUT Fitness. In fact, he worked at the law firm that he had been employed at for 13 years while we built CUT. This woman just can’t stop!”

The gym owner ends her blog by attacking Vicki’s character and quoting a biblical scripture.

“I knew I had to get up and walk away before I lost it. She’s proved to me that she’s incapable of being a good person and doing the right thing. She doesn’t deserve my friendship. I believe that the friendships you keep are a reflection of who you are. She’s not a good friend, and I’m starting to question if she ever was.”

“Proverbs 14:7: “Stay away from a fool, for you will not find knowledge on their lips.”

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