#TeenMom2 North Carolina’s Child Abuse/Neglect Law Revealed — MTV Turns Blind Eye to Jenelle Evans’ Screaming Child!

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Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans, has come under fire, after MTV exposed a scene that has fans screaming foul.

Jenelle and her new husband, David Eason, were captured entrenched in a “save the date” photo session, while Jenelle’s three-year-old son, Kaiser, screamed for attention in the background. David was seen roughly grabbing the toddler and dragging him across the yard. Kaiser was filmed screaming “FEED ME,” while Jenelle and David ignored his cries, in order to catch the perfect photo kiss. 

‘Feed Me!’ Jenelle Evans and Husband David Curse, Abuse and Neglect Son Kaiser To Take Engagement Photos (Video)

Jenelle and David
are being raked over the social media coals — but they aren’t the only ones being held accountable for turning a blind eye to the sickening spectacle. Fans have been screaming for MTV to intervene in the horror show — and not only because they should — but because it’s the North Carolina law.

#TeenMom2 Twitter Erupts After MTV Mocks Jenelle Evans’ Abuse of Her Toddler Son!

North Carolina has a mandatory reporting law, when it comes to child abuse or neglect. The North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault outlines the mandatory reporting requirements within the state. The site states that North Carolina citizens have a “legal duty” to report “cases where there is suspected child abuse and/or neglect by a parent, guardian, custodian or caretaker.” Failure to report abuse or neglect makes an individual subject to arrest, and a Class 1 misdemeanor charge. The MTV crew might technically dodge the state citizenship parameters — but the message is clear.

#TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans Threatens to Quit After MTV Exposed Her As Neglectful Mom!

A film crew and at least one producer were on Jenelle’s property during the incident, and production later captioned Kaiser screaming “FEED ME” — revealing that they had full knowledge of the evident neglect. Fans noticed, and have been blasting MTV since the episode aired. Reportedly, the caption has since been removed from repeat airings of the episode.




MTV is feeling the heat—but do you think that they will make a move?

Teen Mom 2 airs Monday nights, on MTV.


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