RECAP: #ShahsofSunset Asa Gets LaToya Jackson To Cosign Wacko Jacko’s Famous Family Is ‘Private’

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It’s a tale of two cities on the Shahs of Sunset. New York City versus Los Angeles. Plus, later a surprise Jackson makes an appearance on the show. No. It’s not the baby daddy, Jermaine. It’s the other crazy one that will do anything to be on TV. Anyway, back in the Big Apple, the gang is on their way to go ice-skating. Reza calls the forgotten one a.k.a. Asa to tell her about the Snowflake Ball they want to have for the season finale. He asks Asa if she will come and she says no because she’s tired. Reza suspects it’s because Asa doesn’t want to face the questions about her “miracle” pregnancy.

Back in Los Angeles, Asa is going to the doctor with her mom to have a baby checkup. You can tell Asa isn’t feeling well. She sounds congested and she’s bloated. Her doctor advises Asa to stop working so hard. Asa says it’s not that, it’s her toxic friends who are making her sick. She claims this pregnancy has cleared her eyes to her so-called friends, and has nothing to do at all with her raging hormones, her inability to be forthcoming, her unmarried status or her very private baby daddy. Then Asa drones on and on about how gifted her child will be with not only the Jackson genes, but her ancient tribal excellence. I feel sorry for the kid already.

Back at the house in NYC, Mike, Adam, Reza, MJ throw shade at the new engagement of GG and Shalom who have known each other for all of two months. Hell, it takes some people longer to pick out paint colors. Upstairs, GG and Shalom face-time Shervin to tell him they are engaged. Shervin says he’s happy, but how happy can he be? He’s not there to support GG in her first and probably last time to act in an off-off-off Broadway play.

The following morning, Mike is up early with nothing on but a towel and a smile. He stayed out late last night and the gang wants to know where he was. GG smells Mike’s underwear – twice. Eww. Mike says he was with 5 or 6 woman, but then we learn that Jessica is also in NYC and that’s probably who Mike was with. Turns out this isn’t the first time they’ve hooked up. But the good news is, the gang is super supportive. Most of the Shahs are off to Queens to hang out with Tommy’s family, but first, Reza wants to discuss Mike and Jessica with MJ. GG barges in and says that Jessica wants Mike back. Reza explains this is a problem because Mike’s mom would be forever embarrassed due to ancient tribal rituals. And we already know that Mike’s mom is his number one girl.

The gang arrives at a bar where they are greeted by all of Tommy’s friends. We learn that after Tommy’s mom went to heaven, he emancipated himself and moved in with a loving family. They are at the bar and MJ is delighted to meet them and their babies. Does that stop her from drinking? Hell no. MJ orders a shot of I don’t care because that’s how she rolls. Anyway, everyone is getting along like peas and carrots. MJ then crawls onto the bar to give the patrons a better look at her ass. She says something about family and Tommy plants his face in MJ’s boobs. Then Tommy steals MJ’s thunder by reciting a poem about friends. Reza is relieved that Tommy has got this and now Reza can abdicate his role as MJ’s babysitter. Most of the gang leaves to attend GG’s play, but Tommy and MJ stay behind to continue drinking. It’s called priorities.

Back in Los Angeles, we are with Shervin as he visits Destiney in her new business venture. It’s a raw juice bar and the smoothies are made with Tequila. My kind of health drink! They step outside so Destiney can attack Shervin on how grossed out she was when he admitted he was man-whore. Shervin says he became a commitment-phobe when his parents divorced after 35 years of marriage. He’s not ready to settle down even though Annalise is the best he’s ever going to have.

Next up, Asa is shopping for baby clothes when Auntie LaToya Jackson strolls in. Asa was told by her doctor that she is giving birth to a 3-month old so skip the newborn clothes sizes. You see, this baby is from the most famous family in the whole-wide world. Mmm-hmm. That’s what Asa says. She tells LaToya that People magazine wants to do a photo spread of the family when the baby arrives, but Jermaine said no. LaToya is not surprised. Everyone in their family but her likes their privacy.

So, ever notice Asa has a tendency to live in fantasy land? Here’s what she said in her testimonial about Jermaine. They met in high school and when their eyes locked for the first time, Asa knew then and there they’d be together forever, even though Jermaine didn’t give her the time of day. Ten years later, though, at the magical Apple store, she was overcome by a waterfall of gold diamonds. Then, Jermaine approached her all organic-like and they saw a white fox. Did I mention I feel sorry for this kid?

Shervin is driving around LA late at night, contemplating life when he pulls over and calls Annalise. He comes clean that he’s not ready to settle down with her. Annalise says she’s upset, but can’t hate him for being honest. Sure you can. Annalise tells Shervin to figure out what he wants. Maybe she too will see a white fox in ten years.

It’s go time with the play! GG is freaking out. Reza calls to let her know that MJ and Tommy have backed out. GG doesn’t really care, so that’s good, she’s more upset that Shalom is not coming. But shut the front door! In walks Shalom. What is up with this dude? He causes and huge fight, then proposes? Tells GG he won’t be there for her, but then is? Hope GG enjoys roller-coasters.

The show is about to start, but first the guys laugh over GG’s bio about training for the Olympics. The play begins and guess what? GG doesn’t suck. However, Mike can’t keep his eyes open and nods off. Here comes the kissing scene. Shalom is watching closely as GG pulls the stud in for a kiss. Good news! Shalom doesn’t storm the stage. He smiles, but that’s because he knows the cameras are watching. The play is over and they drink champagne. GG announces her world is perfect and she’s found her calling.

Tune in next week for the season finale and Mike’s meltdown.


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