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RECAP: #90DayFiance Molly’s Daughter Slams Cougar Mama For Importing Young Dominican Man-Meat!

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The original is back — TLC’s 90 Day Fiance introduced a brand new cast Sunday, with one popular flashback couple also in the international mix.   

Molly and Luis

Molly is a reality veteran, made famous for getting the biggest boobs in the world under control. The bra fitter is a “local rock star,” and loves that she helps thousands of top-heavy women — but is most proud of being a mom. She has two daughters, by two different men, and never considered marriage — until she laid eyes on Dominican hunk, Luis. It was boozy love at first sight during a rowdy girls trip — where Luis informed Molly that she was destined to be his bride. Luis is 26, and Molly admits that her age plunks her in the middle of cougar territory. Luis proposed after two months, and Molly is head over heels, but worried about how her daughters will receive him — and vice versa. Molly googled how to transport her man-meat to America, because she’s sure that he’s the one.

Molly’s oldest, Olivia, 17, is not happy about a guy busting up the mother/daughter girl party, and is upset about a random man moving into the family home. Molly points out that Luis thinks her naked face us beautiful — so enough said. Molly assures her that life will stay normal, but Olivia isn’t buying what she’s selling. 

Olivia sheds frustrated tears and feels helpless, but Molly is convinced that it will all work out.


Elizabeth and Andrei

Elizabeth lives in Tampa, and met Andrei on a dating app. Elizabeth is the baby of a large family, and thinks of herself as a “rebel.” Elizabeth just doesn’t “connect” with Americans, so an app was her way to broaden her dating horizons. Andrei is from Eastern Europe, but currently lives in Dublin. Elizabeth warns us that Andrei has a rough exterior, seemingly bracing the audience for the worst. Elizabeth says that her fiancé can be intimidating, but is also muscular, full of pizazz, and a complete gentleman. Elizabeth’s family is not on board, and believes that Andrei is a green card grubber. The couple is in the middle of the visa process, because Andrei proposed, and is ready to face the family music. Elizabeth plans to travel to Dublin for Andrei’s final interview. We later sit in on a touchy family dinner, where Elizabeth tries to put the kibosh on all the Andrei chatter. Her father ignores her, and reiterates his anti-Andrei position. Her sisters think she’s dumb, but will support her impulsive stupidity until the end. Elizabeth’s father is worried that Andrei is a broke user, and is concerned that he will end up footing the bill. Elizabeth points out that money can’t buy love — giving us a peek at the bratty mindset her family is up against. 


Nicole and Azan

They’re back! TLC rewinds the “big a little bit” fun, reminding us that we last saw Nicole and Azan parting ways in Morocco — much to Azan’s relief. Their story carried on, and Nicole is now actively teaching her two-year-old daughter to call Azan “Daddy.” The K-1 visa process is problematic, because Nicole is too broke to support “Daddy” on her own. Her father and stepmother reluctantly agree to foot the bill, to keep Nicole and May in the country. The duo ticks off the potential problems, and Nicole shrugs her shoulders in response. They require that Nicole and Azan live separately, and trust that Nicole will take her final decision seriously.

Nicole is planning a two month trip to Morocco, and will be taking the toddler along. She isn’t sure that Azan will be a good dad, making her “daddy” indoctrination all the more puzzling. The family gathers for a goodbye dinner, and Nicole reveals that she has secured a sponsor for Azan. Nicole’s mother implies her daughter is a delusional, spoiled brat. Nicole promises that Azan is a legit prize, but her brother thinks that Nicole is too dumb to spot a loser. Her mother and stepfather are concerned about Nicole dragging May across the globe.


David and Annie

David, 48, is from Kentucky and Annie, 24, is from Thailand. David is a divorced father of three, a grandfather, and a weight loss success story. David is currently living in Asia, after losing it all and suffering a stroke. He dumped the physical and emotional weight, took off to party in Thailand, and met Annie. David proposed after two weeks, and the couple plans to move back to America. Annie describes David as a a not so handsome “old foreigner,” with a big heart. She’s kinda sorta loves David, and is up for living life in her dream country. She can’t wait for a wealthy life in a big city, but David knows that Kentucky will not deliver such a fantasy.

They are working to get Annie’s family’s blessing, aka securing a gift/payoff. David owes a traditional dowry to her parents, and is offering $1500 for their daughter. We hear that an engagement party is on the schedule, and David welcomes invited American couple, Chris and Nikki, to Thailand for the celebration. Nikki spills that David wants to marry any woman who looks at him sideways, and Chris hints that David is a bit of a needy freeloader. Nikki is sure that Chris’ empty palm will be hitting them up again, any minute. 

Lots of twists and turns are ahead — so hang on tight!


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