RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Larry Questions Jenny’s Loyalty Then Insults Her Entire Family!

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The days are ticking down on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Tears are shed and romances are rocked — are the couples still standing?

Paul and Karine

We begin the episode with another cameo from the TLC machete-mugger — who grabs Karine’s phone and escapes into the woods. Karine is upset, and decides that no American dream is worth this insane drama. Karine flees to the hotel, while production hunts down Paul. Paul resurfaces, and feels badly that he did not protect his abandoned love. He decides to crawl back to Karine, but Karine is upset, and furious that Paul dragged her through this nonsense, only to run away.

Karine wants to forget the whole nightmare, but can’t, because Paul sheepishly shleps himself to her feet, and offers an apology. Karine demands that Paul man up and quit acting like a blubber baby. She wants to know the real dirt on his criminal background, so he spills about his past as an embarrassed arsonist/unhinged boyfriend. Paul is worried that Karine might send him away — but it looks like Karine is reconsidering her decision. 

Larry and Jenny

We join Larry and Jenny, amid Larry’s anxious worry that Jenny is a faux dream girl. His family’s fears haunt his thoughts, as does Jenny’s sketchy Facebook page. Jenny is an online floozy, but claims that her keyboard worn fingers belong only to Larry. They discuss the potential deal-breaker, as Larry addresses Jenny’s app activity. Jenny babbles out excuses, but Larry isn’t satisfied. Jenny reveals a jammed inbox, but Larry is thrilled to see that that she hasn’t opened any competing offers. The couple later leaves Manila for Jenny’s hometown, so Larry can meet the family. Jenny hopes that no one stands between her and a sweet life in America. Larry sees Jenny’s simple home, and nervously sits down with Jenny’s father.

Jenny reveals that it had been three years since she had seen her mother. Larry compliments the family’s “nature,” as Dad gives him a good up-down. Larry asks for a proposal green light, but Jenny’s father believes that the couple should know each other better — so maybe by next week’s episode. A family get-together is planned, and Larry is invited to stay in the family home. A pig is roasted in Larry’s honor — but Larry almost barfs when he sees the hacked up hog.

Larry is offered the first taste, and obliges by nibbling one fraction of a pork-shred.

Jenny’s family is offended, and Jenny is mortified by Larry’s obvious revulsion. Jenny busts him as rude and disrespectful, and Larry is stupidly confused. She scolds him — informing Larry that he failed miserably. Jenny spills tears, and guilts Larry into a puddle of remorse. 


Sean and Abby

Sean is down in the dumps, because Abby’s itchy scabs are more attracted to his rival, Chris. Abby is escaping to spend time with Chris, but Sean phones a lifeline, because he’s pondering a proposal anyway. Chis votes no, but Sean needs to “think it through,” because he’s actually more desperate than anyone ever imagined. Sean came to Haiti for love — and he does not want to leave without it.


Cortney and Antonio

We jump over to Spain, and catch up with Cortney and Antonio. Cortney thinks that the romance is moving along, but isn’t going to give away the milk, before she feels that she can trust Antonio. Cortney is holding Antonio’s bed hostage, and his back is feeling it. Cortney wants to meet Antonio’s family and friends, but he believes that it’s too early for family exposure. Antonio agrees to set up a meeting between Samuel, a childhood friend, and Cortney. Samuel is immediately shocked to learn that the mystery American has not put out. Antonio is normally a proud man-whore, evidently the cultural norm in Spain. His buddy assures Cortney that she’s special, so she decides to crack open her legs another inch, and see what happens.

Patrick and Myriam

Patrick is running through the streets of Paris, alone in his thoughts. He is annoyed that Myriam misled his lonely heart, but plans to pull out his best material to win her over. Patrick turns backflips, dances, and flatters Myriam, who continues to validate his forced charm. Production addresses Myriam’s mysterious boyfriend — and Myriam admits that he’s not too thrilled about her TLC half-beau. Patrick characterizes American women as game-players, and Myriam describes “french dudes” as partiers. Myriam complains about her young boyfriend’s inconsiderate habits, which Patrick calls out as immature. Patrick lays it on thick, and promises to beat her boyfriend’s ass in the thoughtfulness department. Myriam is questioning her choice, so Patrick crosses his fingers, and plans his next gymnastic move.   

Next week,
Cortney gives it up, Patrick keeps it up, and Jesse coughs it up. Don’t miss it!


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