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#RHOA Exclusive Audio — Kim Zolciak Exposed As A Racist Who Uses The ‘N Word’ Regularly! (Listen HERE)

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Kim Zolciak Biermann is gearing up for a rocky Real Housewives of Atlanta comeback — but did a blast from the past call it first? 

The AllAboutTheTea.com spy team has uncovered audio which reveals Kim’s former publicist, Jonathan Jaxson, spilling all of Kim’s secrets.

Jaxson dished the dirt about his ex-client to Wendy Williams, back in 2009. Kim and Jaxson were in a back-and-forth feud at the time, after breaking professional ties. 

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exposed Kim as an alleged former “Cheetah Club” stripper—an allegation she later denied. Jaxson referenced Kim’s sugar daddy, “Big Poppa,” and accused Kim for hustling many men to pay her bills.

“She [Kim] has several men she gets her money from,” Jaxson alleged.

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accused Kim of being racist — an allegation freshly relevant against the backdrop of Nene Leakes’ recent #jealousprejudicebitch Instagram missile—aimed at her co-star on Thursday.

“Kim doesn’t like chocolate,” Jaxson said. “She actually uses the n-word all the time…”

Press play below to hear Kim’s former manager spill the dirt on his former client!

recently slammed Kim and her daughter, Brielle Biermann, 20, as racists — labeling Brielle’s exposed attitude as “learned.”

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Season 10 The Real Housewives of Atlanta is heating up! Filming is currently underway.


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