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#RHONY Ramona Singer Slammed After Soliciting Votes For “Most Likely to Never Age” While Using NEW Plastic Face!

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Ramona Singer hit the social media campaign trail Wednesday, but fans of The Real Housewives of New York were not impressed.

Ramona was up for Bravo superlative “Most Likely to Never Age” at the fourth annual Real Housewives Awards — and the reality veteran wanted her followers to get out and vote!

Viewers slammed Ramona’s doe-eyed post — blasting her for her nipped and tucked look, and questionable timing. 

“U do age like all of us. U just have money to fix it up a bit. U still look your age 60ish.”

“Have you noticed what’s going on in the world? Good grief. You can win the ridiculous award. Yay for being most superficial in days when there is true sadness and strife.”

“umm would vote except u cheat, getting surgery doesn’t count towards never aging or aging well, sorry..”

“Too bad it’s not a contest for most filters used. Then I could really vote for you. Other wise voting for most likely to never age nah, if the were true you wouldn’t need all the filters you are using.”

“OMG you reality people..you will age get in the real world and then you won’t be sooo shocked….Because u are ageing.”

Some fans went after the NY diva for the intensive timing of her post after the Las Vegas massacre and natural disasters.

“The day after a catastrophic tragedy she is asking for votes. #egomaniac

“Awful…. the shit that has happened that last few days ….. and YOU POST THIS…. get a grip lady.”

“Really the state that the country is in and your worried about yourself..” 

“Thank you! If you can’t buy happiness, you can always buy Botox. And fillers. And spackle it all into place.”

“What affects you? R u nuts with what is going on elsewhere than NY? You are soo selfish! Get a meaningful life lady! Great example for your daughter.”

“I will vote for you when you go out and do good for people in need!!! Puerto Rico…Texas…las Vegas! It’s not all about you!!”

“Yeah seriously, people dying everywhere around the world and all she cares about is her looks. plus she used a filter to hide her wrinkles. wrinkles are okay, no need to hide..”

“Really Ramona? Who cares? Innocent lives were lost in Las Vegas, and the horrific destruction in Puerto Rico and other islands and you’re talking about your looks. Shallow and very vain!”

“Such a vain and shallow woman….GET A LIFE!! Can’t stand you, you are such a fake person”

“The filter and photoshopping is killing my eyes. Really does she think if you saw her in person this is how she looks. There are so many apps to smooth out every single line. Come on Ramona. How dumb do U think we are. Get over yourself. Go to Puerto Rico and help people who are dying and stop focusing on yourself biatch. Damn.”

The winners were announced on Wednesday night, and Ramona did not take the coveted title — beaten out by Real Housewives of Atlanta beauty, Cynthia Bailey

Do you think that Ramona deserved the social media spanking? Share your thoughts below!


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