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Brielle Biermann Responds To Racist Accusations and NeNe Leakes Delivers a Clapback of The Century!

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Have a seat Wig Jr.!

As fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta know — NeNe Leakes is the queen of reads — and can take out an opponent with razor sharp wit!

The reality vet has mastered the art of shutting down an argument with her famous quick-witted comebacks. But someone must have forgotten to give Brielle Biermann the memo because RHOA’s verbal assassin delivered a TKO to the daughter of Kim Zolciak

As reported, the beef between NeNe, Kim and Brielle erupted this week when Brielle posted a video from NeNe’s new home with critters crawling around. Brielle referred to the bugs as roaches and the Fashion Police host responded by calling Brielle and her mother racist. 

Kim supposedly gossiped that NeNe’s mansion is “probably infested by roaches,” because of the neighborhood she lives in is predominant African-American. Press play to watch the video below.

Read Brielle’s response to NeNe’s accusations below:

After Brielle responded, NeNe delivered a TKO clapback that has literally left me floored! Read NeNe’s responses below. 

“@briellebiermann We don’t have roaches! If you found 1, u brought it with u or it fell outta yo funky pussy! Please know I will get You all the way together when you start fucking wit me and mine! Go somewhere and let the air outta those fake lips, fake titties and fake ass because you will never be @kylejenner Yo trashy mama should have taught you better! My home is Brand New but you guys were so jealous of it, you couldn’t even give a compliment. You had to stoop so low and be so disgusting #racisttrash #jealous #KKK #thirsty you better run yo ass back to a child’s place #youwannaactgrown?”

Ouch! This feud is far from over. Stay tuned.


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