#RHONJ Danielle Staub’s Violent Outbursts Fueled By Oxycontin, Cocaine and Weed In 2015 EXPOSED! (Exclusive)

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The Real Coke Whore of New Jersey?

The sick and twisted past of returning Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, Danielle Staub, has resurfaced as her ex-boyfriend Joe Masalta, shared details about the reality diva’s dark life while they dated.

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and Joe got engaged after a whirlwind Tinder hookup in 2015 that lasted a short three months. Masalta now feels duped by the reality diva, and labels the engagement disingenuous.

“The engagement was a publicity stunt put on by Danielle.” He tells AllAboutTheTea.com. “I believe it was a desperate attempt for her to have a hook for the Housewife show….there was never a proposal or ring.”

The former Navy SEAL of 15 years was a Special Warfare and Intelligence expert in the US military. All signs point to Masalta being a truly charitable person, with a wealth of professional experience under his belt. Check out his newest charitable endeavor with the Boys & Girls Club in the video below.


Masalta spoke to AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively to share details of his dysfunctional rollercoaster relationship with the mom of two. 

“She’s a nut job!” Masalta starts. “Throughout our relationship, she was violent, insecure and very obsessive.”  

The man of honor dropped a bomb when he exposed Danielle’s violent outbursts triggered by drug use.

“Danielle has an issue with opioid painkillers.” The mom of two’s former lover told AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. “She smoked pot regularly and took Oxycontin for chronic pain but abused it and when the pharmacy cut her off she turned to cocaine.”

According to the US Food and Drug Administration, Oxycontin is a dangerous highly addictive drug. A synthesized pain reliever that mimics the behavior of heroin and morphine. Heroin works by mimicking endorphins and binding to opioid nerve cell receptors, which magnifies pain relief and produces a euphoric high. OxyContin works the same way.

Masalta delved deeper into their broken relationship and describes a woman full of rage, who would become irate on many occasions.

“She started fights with me all the time and would threaten my life, while berating me.” Masalta tells AllAboutTheTea.com exclusively. “I remember one time, she went ballistic because I used a photo of my kids as my screensaver instead of her. She demanded I change it.”

As fans know, the porn star was convicted in 1986 for extortion and cocaine possession. She was arrested with six kilos of coke and $16,000 cash. At the time, Danielle’s drug-dealer boyfriend kidnapped a client, and she snitched on him, cutting a deal with federal prosecutors. 

As reported, the infamous “prostitution whore,” suffered a racist meltdown, unleashing a disturbing and foul-mouthed tirade, about drugs. In the October 2015 audio recording, she can be heard calling her ex a “stupid f*cking Mexican.” Press play to listen below:

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