RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Abby Chooses Her Ex-Boyfriend After Sean Confronts Chris!

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Things are heating up on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days — and tensions are rising with the TLC couples. What went down this week — and who made it out alive?

Sean and Abby

We kick off this week’s episode in Haiti, where Sean is pondering a proposal, amid nagging questions about Abby’s side piece, Chris. A showdown is on the schedule, and we catch up with Abby and Chris, on their way back from the airport. Chris is dying to rip off his mic and get reacquainted, and Abby agrees, via nervous giggles. Chris claims that he’s no threat to Sean, even if he and Abby do share mutual scabies. Abby mistakenly concludes that the cameras are down, so she and Chris grab the chance to share a quick smile and an affectionate hand squeeze.

The plot thickens, and how “Seaney” will react is anyone’s guess. Sean senses that Abby is shifty, and is committed to nailing down the truth. Sean and Chris finally meet face-to-face, and Chris immediately has to stifle his snickers. Chris tries to sell it, but Sean doesn’t appreciate Chris’ arrogant smirk. Chris shares how he met Abby, and it doesn’t match Abby’s internet-trolling story. Sean asks to read a text convo between Abby and Chris, and the request is flatly denied. Sean calls Chris poisonous, and pushes him to back off. Chris doesn’t appreciate Sean’s snotty attitude, and makes his exit.

Abby storms away, infuriated that she has to choose between the two old men in her life. Sean confronts Chris, blasting him for using Abby for cheap sex. Chris walks away, but Sean isn’t satisfied, because Chris and Abby will be alone for cheap sex after he leaves. Sean all but calls Abby a scabby slut, and presents a dramatic ultimatum — him or Chris. Abby tells a producer that Chris wins, and Sean wishes her good luck with that. A few rogue sobs slip out, as Sean stammers out one last proclamation of love for the Haitian ho.


Paul and Karine

Paul and Karine are clunking around in rollerblades, as Paul delivers an intimacy update. Karine was declared cootie free — so the couple did the deed. Karine is happy, but is worried that the tawdry giveaway might thwart a proposal. Karine pushes for a commitment, and nudges Paul to abandon the mysterious shadows of his past. Paul plans to spill the beans about his sordid history, and come clean with Karine.

Later in the episode, Paul reveals that he’s a shifty arsonist who tends to stalk and threaten his lovers. Karine is taken aback, as Paul babbles out his confession. Paul is sorry, and will not subject Karine to his rather alarming patterns. Paul is a sheathed bag of problems, so he decides to run away in the woods to protect his true love from his illegal impulses. Karine follows him, noting that the area is a dangerous one. Paul won’t listen to her naive acceptance, and refuses communication. Karine gives up and storms away, only to have her cellphone swiped by a machete wielding runner. Gunshots ring out, as producers rush her from the scene. She agrees to get the heck out of the area, and out of Paul’s loony life. She sobs that she wants to break things off, as the episode fades. 


Cortney and Antonio

Cortney and Antonio are still getting to know each other in Spain, but Antonio is a ladies man, and it’s making Cortney nervous. Cortney questions Antonio’s risqué modeling career, but Antonio assures her that sexy does not always equal porny.

Antonio is sad that Cortney doesn’t trust him, and she isn’t pleased to learn that he has not confirmed their hot romance to his family. She tries to pin a boyfriend label on him, and questions why his walk doesn’t match his talk. Antonio caves to her demands, while basking in the view — which happens to be the backside of a waitress. Cortney flounces away, demanding to be the only big ass in Antonio’s world.


Darcey and Jesse

We join Darcey on the morning after her bender. She sheepishly tells the harrowing tale of a confused foreign lass, who jumps in the bushes to escape  her controlling lover. Jesse weighs in, admitting that he was freaked to see Darcey drunk, calling her behavior a game-changer. The couple reunites, and Darcey apologizes for her plastered performance. Jesse is understanding, but reveals that a scarred past with addicts makes him skittish about a life with a drunk old lady. He requests that Darcey not ingest alcohol ever again, and Darcey stupidly agrees. No one believes her, but Jesse is satisfied by Darcey’s shallow promise. Darcey just hopes that their communication improves, and sobriety pays off with a giant rock. 

Paul drops off the face of the earth next week — did he dive into gutter water without a flotation device? Stay tuned!


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