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#RHOC Vicki Gunvalson Says Tamra Judge Has Grown ‘Weary’ of Shannon’s Constant ‘Negativity!’

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On the last episode of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyMeghan King Edmonds continued to stir the pot by reminding us that, Vicki Gunvalson, “can dish it out but she can’t take it.”

Vicki rehashes the convo Meghan had with Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, Kelly Dodd and Peggy Sulahian at lunch in her Bravo blog.

“They acted like a bunch of children in a school cafeteria, I was embarrassed for them. I have actually gotten used to Meghan’s “she can dish it out but she can’t take it” attitude. Meghan loves to stir the pot, but look out if someone calls her on it, she goes full Chernobyl melt down.”

The 55-year-old nails Shannon for meddling in Peggy’s cancer diagnosis, and inserting herself in her issues with Tamra.   

“Shannon is non-stop sticking her nose where it does not belong. Peggy’s medical issues are not her concern and neither is my relationship with Tamra.”

The insurance mogul weighs in on Shannon’s marriage, and offers a little snark about Shannon’s wildly irrational reaction to working out. 

“Maybe if she focused on her own relationship with her husband she would be a little happier person. She reminds me of Mrs. Kravitz from Bewitched, always in everyone’s business. I have never heard a woman complain as much as Shannon. Just getting off the spin cycle she goes into crises mode.”

Vicki makes note of Shannon’s obsession with her and points out that even Shannon’s bestie, Tamra has grown annoyed of her childish behavior and constant ‘negativity.’ 

“I would love to see one episode when she does not mention Vicki, Vicki, Vicki. Even her bosom buddy Tamra is becoming weary of her negativity.”

Vicki concludes her blog by sharing positive thoughts and complimenting Kelly and Lydia Mclaughlin.

“It was nice to hear Kelly talking so sweet about Michael. Michael seems to be is such a gentleman, in an old school way. Steve and Michael have a good friendship and Steve enjoys spending time with him. The four of us like spending time together and really like how easy things are with them.”

“Lydia is an example of a soft spoken woman with quick wit and a sharp mind. She is no push over and stands up for what she believes. I love hanging out with her and Doug, they are such a positive happy couple.”

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