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‘Get Facts Straight!’ Kelly Dodd Blasts Gossip Tabloid Over 911 Calls To Her Home!

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Don’t cross Kelly Dodd!

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is fighting back after a news report by Radar Online alleged criminal disturbances at the home she shares with her husband, Michael

The report claims that police were called several times over a three day period to the Newport Beach home, on the grounds of “keeping the peace.” The report offered no further details, and timelines were blurred when Kelly’s previous legal drama was added to the mix.   

“Officers responded to four calls on July 20, 2017 for “keeping the peace,” according to the Newport Beach police department call log. One call did not have a known nature, but they were all placed within minutes of each other.”

The report continues: “Police responded to another ‘keep the peace,’ call on July 21, and another on July 22 for the same nature. They were also called for a “disturbance” on July 17. The most recent call was placed on Aug. 6 for a “911 call from cell phone. Police also responded to her home twice in April for a “follow up” and “ACO telephone call.” They came back the next month for a “domestic disturbance” call as well.”

The 41-year-old blasted the publication’s fact-checking skills, sounding off in a since deleted Instagram post. Kelly wrote:

“Love how @radargram dumb asses!! Prints this sh*t and can’t get their facts straight!!”

The outspoken reality star explained the circumstances of the “keeping the peace,” calls — which appear to be noise complaints from neighbors and curious fans stalking her residence.

“I have parties at my house so the old people call the cops!! I also had a guy throw a rock through my window !! And stalkers on my private street!! Idiots! #getthefacts #idiots #radar”

Fans know that Kelly doesn’t hold back when it comes to defending herself. What are your thoughts about Kelly’s tabloid slam?

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