RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Darcey Hits The Bottle After Jesse’s Mom Issues A Stern Warning About Rushing Marriage!

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Tensions are rising between the couples made famous by 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Will they survive all of the international twists and turns?

Darcey and Jesse

Darcey and Jesse open the episode, as the couple starts a new day. Darcey admits that her visit to Amsterdam has been a wild ride, and she’s worried that Jesse might not come through with a rushed commitment to forever. The blended family risk is real, so Darcey’s upcoming visit with Jesse’s mother could prove to be important. Darcey hopes that getting Jesse’s mom alone will erase his stepfather’s brutal analysis of their dicey love affair. Darcey wants to get the scoop on Jesse, and whether or not he’s really ready to be an insta-daddy. Jesse’s mom advises her to slow down already, and cut the obnoxious sprint to the altar. Darcey whimpers objections, trying to drown out the sound of her loudly ticking biological clock. His mom is wise and kind, but ignores Darcey’s 42-year-old eggs.

Darcey is nervous, and her nerves soon turn to panic, so she decides to tie one on at a local bar. Back at home, Jesse is ready and waiting in his loungewear, even spiffing up the place with romantic bed balloons. He asks Darcey to come home, and is irritated when she passes on adhering to his “schedule.” On a happy side note, Darcey has switched her footwear to sneakers. Darcey makes her way home, and Jesse immediately notices that she’s tipsy. He raises one sculpted eyebrow, but tries to give Darcey a thrill by offering her a place to put her clothes. Darcey is belligerent, and Jesse gives it right back, annoyed that Darcey is drunk and disagreeable.

Darcey chokes out some sobs, which evidently lead to a monster fight, after the cameras exit. Darcey wakes up in a hotel, explaining that their power struggle hit the fan the night before. Jesse tells a producer that Darcey was a hot ornery mess, and shockingly disrespectful of his commands. Their relationship hangs in the balance.

Patrick and Myriam

Patrick is moping in Paris, after being informed that he traveled across the ocean for a taken woman. Patrick feels badly for leaving his daughter for nothing, so he decides to spill the tea to his mom, Lettie, via FaceTime.

Lettie reacts as expected, and advises her son to keep his delusional ass off the internet — momentarily forgetting that the whole show revolves around online desperation. Lettie comes to her senses, and Patrick decides that he doesn’t want to blow a trip to France.

He agrees to hang out with Myriam as a pal — determined to win her over with his magnetic personality. The duo frolics around the city, and Patrick pulls out his best material. His heart is still invested — but Myriam claims that Patrick will stay solidly plunked in the friend zone.

Larry and Jenny

Meanwhile, Larry and Jenny are busy swapping googly eyes in Manila. Jenny is perfect in every way, and Larry has a dashingly huge nose. Larry is worried that Jenny might be playing him for a shot at the American dream, and informs her that his family has doubts. Jenny is shocked, but reminds him that password disclosure equals true love. Larry agrees, and proclaims her a dream come true. Everything is perfect, and Jenny is “the one” — he thinks. The couple checks into a luxury hotel, and Larry hopes that Jenny likes it, because, in case you hadn’t heard, Larry cashed in his 401k for the trip. Jenny is worth it, because she’s everything Larry dreamed of — aka a real human being. Jenny hopes that Larry proposes, shamelessly admitting the reason to be a better life in the U.S.

Larry is committed to figuring out if Jenny is really in it for love, but has only known her for six hours, and is ready to put a ring on it. Larry reveals that it’s been ages since he had sex, and admits to being scarred by past relationships. The couple discusses saving sex for marriage, and Jenny agrees, like a passive robot. Jenny reveals that she has a type…American and dumb. Jenny claims that she does not fool around, but Larry doesn’t trust her online shenanigans.

Sean and Abby

We join Sean in mid-worry, stressed out about Abby’s other old man beau, Chris. Sean wants to marry Abby, but senses that Chris has a piece of Abby’s heart. Chris is set to arrive for their senior showdown, and Sean is nervous. Abby tries to distract him with a tourist jaunt, and TLC offers an unwanted glimpse of Sean’s bare chest. Sean reminds Abby that he wants to marry her, but is worried that she might be two-timing him.

Sean is catching a shady vibe, but Abby assures him that he’s the only senior for her. Abby claims that she’s being honest, and tells the cameras that she wants to keep Sean #1 and Chris #2. Abby picks up Chris at the airport, and Chris cozies up to the TLC cameras. Chris winks and flirts, and tells the cameras that he and Abby love each other. Sean is uneasy, but Chris wants to lose the microphones and get to the dirt. The creaky smackdown goes down next episode.

Next week, Paul and Karine’s story takes off — literally.


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