Inside The ‘Shady’ Falling Out Of #RHOC Star Tamra Judge and Best Man Ricky Santana!

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Tamra Judge mustered some faux tears on Monday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County — claiming that her ex-bestie, side character, Ricky Santana, was out to “destroy” her life.

Ricky had dished that he had seen Eddie Judge in a makeout sesh with another guy, launching Tamra into a defensive tizzy. Tamra lashed out at Vicki Gunvalson, for inviting a troublemaker to her party — but Ricky hinted on Twitter that the trouble began with a fake TV friendship.        

Ricky Santana and Eddie Judge at Tamra’s wedding

Tamra claimed that Ricky was peeved to have been shut out of her baptism event — interestingly, offering no explanation for the diss. Ricky then claimed that Tamra’s friendship was a “shady” one. As fans know, Ricky served as Tamra’s best man in her wedding to Eddie. Ricky is now revealing that the invite came out the blue — and after the televised event, Tamra was done with him. In a tweet he wrote: “TJ asked me to be her best man for shady reasons…after filming was over so was I, prior to asking me we weren’t talking for months.”

As reported, Tamra cozied up to Ricky after she was caught in a verbal slip so nasty that she found it necessary to issue an apology to gay rights organization, GLAAD. Tamra commented that Slade Smiley looked like a “homo,” on the reality show’s 2009 season finale — and later issued a formal apology for the blurt.

“I am reaching out to GLAAD and the gay community today to apologize for the ignorant comment I made on last week’s episode,” Tamra wrote. “The word I used was “homo” and not the word I was searching for and not a word I condone. I am highly embarrassed and ashamed. I have several gay friends  and family members…”

Tamra was slammed by fans, and allegedly created a bestie scenario with a gay man to clean up her image. Ricky evidently fell for it — but is now exposing Tamra as a shady user. Tamra’s past is coming back to bite her — and many viewers would say that it’s long overdue. 

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