#TeenMom2 Star Chelsea Houska Under Investigation By The Feds Over Shady Business Deals!

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A Teen Mom is in hot water with the feds!

After reviewing Instagram posts by Chelsea Houska, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently sent a warning letter for not conspicuously disclosing her relationship to brands when promoting products through the MTV star’s social media accounts.

Chelsea’s, 26, letter questioned a post of her son — the caption read, “He’s quite the talker/yeller. Cute onesie from @lovedbyhannahandeli.”

The letter dated September 6, 2017 from the feds, states:

“Your post does not disclose whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved by Hannah and Eli brand clothing. Please provide a written response to this letter by September 30, 2017, advising the FTC staff of whether you have a material connection with the marketer of Loved By Hannah and Eli Clothing.”

This is an ongoing problem for the FTC and the Teen Mom 2 star. Back in April, Chelsea received another warning for endorsing the brand, “Love With Food,” but the reality star seems to be above the law and continues to break the rules.

The regulatory organization announced plans to enforce stricter rules about social media posting in the summer of 2016, after hundreds over celebs were identified as rule breakers.


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