#RHONY A ‘Drunk’ Sonja Morgan Caused Josh Flagg to Fall and Get A Huge Facial Cut On His Wedding Day!

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Sonja Morgan ran amuck at Josh Flagg’s rehearsal dinner before his grand wedding!

The Real Housewives of New York star’s, “drunken antics,” left the groom-to-be with a cut on his face the night before he tied the knot.

A source who attended the pre-wedding dinner in Los Angeles explained that Sonja was playing around with The Million Dollar Listing star — and got a bit sloppy.

“She pulled Josh’s jacket when he walked by, and he fell face-first into the table. They had to put makeup over the gash on his forehead for the wedding pictures.”

But Sonja, who admits she had been drinking, has a different version of events. The Tipsy Girl promoter claims that everyone was “drunk,” and she was “over served.” Adding, Josh fell when he leaned forward to admire her diamond necklace, at the pre-wedding celebration. 

“We’d all had dinner first. It was several courses and wines at Tao, then we went over to the Beverly Hills Hotel, where everyone was staying.” The 53-year-old recalls. “We were all hanging out, and Josh leaned over to look at my diamond-and-pearl necklace, but he, unfortunately, tripped over and I had to literally catch him by his b***s.”

Sonja said Josh forgave her for the incident that resulted in a sizable gash on his forehead, but his husband immediately left. 

“Sonja and I have been great friends for many years, and any wounds she may or may not have inflicted on me are well welcomed.” Josh told Page Six. “I love her dearly.”

The last drunken incident left Sonja with a broken tooth. She was trying to remove a man’s expensive shirt with her teeth and broke a tooth on the button. But Sonja laughed off the loaded mishap.


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