RECAP: ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ Myriam Drops A Bombshell On Patrick!

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TLC hops viewers around the globe this week, as we catch up with four 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days couples.

Paul and Karine

The episode begins with Paul and Karine — who are surviving STD heavy suspense, while planning a getaway. Paul reserved some time at a fancy resort, perfect for disease-free intimacy. Paul’s truckload of luggage arrives at the spot, dragging the couple along behind it. Paul checks out the digs, and plows his extreme junk into the room. Karine is thrilled with the luxury, and decides to put in another polite request for sex. Paul shoots her down, citing a fear of Brazilian cooties. Karine agrees to get tested right away, but is bothered that Paul doubts her virtue.

Paul has trust issues, so Karine opens a vein to make him happy. She submits to the blood test, and says that if this doesn’t win Paul over, she will end the relationship. The lovebirds later visit a zoo, to pass the hours while waiting for the moment of truth. The verdict is finally in — and Karine’s womb is pronounced innocent and her lady bits healthy. Karine mauls him to celebrate — and the spectacle is cringeworthy.

Cortney and Antonio

Cortney is in Spain to meet her online beau in person — but the outlook for a love connection isn’t looking great. Antonio drags a jet-lagged Cortney to a jammed beauty pageant, and Cortney is peeved that her sweaty fatigue is  being ignored. Antonio is surprised that Cortney is a frigid American, and Cortney is annoyed that she’s being upstaged by rested Spanish beauties. She tries to grab Antonio’s attention via text, which he ignores. Cortney makes an exit, and later shocks Antonio when she informs him that she’s  flopping at his place — no funny business allowed. Antonio is not amused, but throws her one night in his dorm bunk, agreeing to keep his tight undies on his dorm couch. Will Antonio “earn” his way into Cortney’s undies? The couple later celebrates their innocent night together with some silly selfies, while Antonio curses the fact that all American girls aren’t cheap floozies. They connect with Cortney’s parents, and Antonio cops a feel during the chat. Cortney is bugged by the grope, and even more bothered by Antonio’s long list of cell-women, waiting in the wings.

Larry and Jenny

We join Larry mid-flight, jetting to the Philippines to spend three weeks with his (fingers crossed) future wife. Jenny has been ignoring him — so he’s concerned that her welcome might be a little lackluster. Larry is nervous, because he dropped a bundle on the trip, and Jenny might be a shady fraud. He arrives in Manila, and the airline loses his luggage, killing his grand entrance. Larry agonizes over the unknowns, and is jumping out of his skin by the time he finally meets Jenny, in the flesh. The couple embraces, shooting the oddly circling TLC cameras awkward glances. Larry smothers Jenny in anxiety, overjoyed that he was greeted by an actual human. He continues to jabber small talk, much to Jenny’s obvious horror. Jenny is disappointed that her American beau turned out to be a nervous dork, but Larry is thrilled to be holding a real girl-hand. Larry hollers at the locals like a loon, and proclaims himself instantly in love. Jenny giggles over meeting her American catch — or is she really just laughing at a lonely loser?

Patrick and Myriam

Patrick is in Paris, and over the moon after meeting his dream girl, Myriam. Myriam takes him out for a meal, as Patrick shares that he’s confident that his charm is swiftly winning her over. Myriam finally spills her secret, and reveals that she already has a boyfriend. She explains that she never expected Patrick to follow through on the romance in person, and did not believe that he was serious enough to cough up a plane ticket.

She offers Patrick her tour guide services, but not her heart. Patrick is crushed. Why exactly Myriam chose not to share her status before he traveled across the globe, remains a mystery. Myriam asks him to stay on anyway, but Patrick is heartbroken, and the whole trip is looking like a bust.

Next week, the drama continues when Darcey and Jesse have a spat, and Chris finally enters the scene, testing Sean and Abby’s love.


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