#RHOC Meghan Edmonds Labels Her Baby An ‘Emotional Burden’ and Blames Pot-Stirring On Motherhood!

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Meghan King Edmonds’ star is falling — but is the Real Housewives of Orange County mom blaming it all on the baby?

Meghan enjoyed success as a self-proclaimed detective during the Brooks Ayers cancer scandal — but lots of fans aren’t swallowing her shtick quite so easily, as Season 12 heats up.

Meghan re-entered the Bravo mix after initially backing away, anticipating the birth of her first child. Motherhood stress is now Meghan’s go-to excuse — but fans aren’t buying it. Baby Aspen was let off the hook early in the season — but when Meghan began to step in it — it was all about the hormones.

“It’s hard to “mom” by myself, even with help, because everything with a 3-month-old (and now 8-month-old) baby is new! Life is all about survival and getting used to new things,” Meghan wrote, about her decision to hire a relative as a nanny.

Meghan’s season shifts after she deliberately stirs up old drama, and Kelly Dodd busts her for a hypocritical jab at her marriage. Meghan’s hormones rage into Bravo overtime.

“I don’t want ANY drama! I’m over here in survival mode! Also, I’m so exhausted with the baby that sometimes I don’t think things through…this was one of those times,” Meghan says in her blog.

Meghan floated the term “emotional burden” to describe life with a newborn  during Monday’s episode, and repeated it in her Bravo blog.

“These last couple episodes were a little difficult to watch – my hormones did not do me any favors. I have the emotional burden of a newborn, so I don’t want or need the emotional burden of drama, but apparently there was no avoiding it.”

Meghan reiterated her breastfeeding/sleepless nights excuse to pardon her hyper-emotional meltdown, after being called out by Lydia McLaughlin. 

Meghan claims to be stepping back into the modeling world — but no clear career path appears to be filling her schedule. Her nanny hire probably explains why Meghan only used the word “emotional” to describe the “burden” of her new reality. 



What do you think of Meghan’s hormonal cry for mercy? Sound off in the comments, and watch The Real Housewives of Orange County, Monday night, at 9 pm, ET, on Bravo.


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