#TeenMom2 Kailyn Lowry Deflects Shameful 3rd Pregnancy with False PFA — Drops Order to Use Javi For Babysitting!

Posted on Sep 15 2017 - 9:21am by BeachSpin

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have been playing nice in recent episodes of Teen Mom 2 — despite the fact that Kailyn accused her ex of harassment so severe, that in March, she secured a legal order to keep him away. Kailyn soon determined that co-parenting with a Protection from Abuse order in place was rough — and dropped her complaint.

“They didn’t look for abuse and it wasn’t even a question since Javi signed the consent.” A rep for Kailyn said at the time, adding. “Kail’s first priority is and always will be her children. We ask all to please respect Kail’s privacy during this difficult time.”

Fans of the MTV show watched Kailyn cry harassed victim, after Javi showed up at the family home unannounced — hyping the drama to her ex, Jo Rivera, MTV producers, and anyone else who would listen.

“If he’s crazy enough to just f*****g walk into your house then what the f**k else is he going to do?” Jo said in response to Kailyn’s complaints. “That scares the s**t out of me.”

Javi was pegged as a stalker, and Kailyn’s controversial third pregnancy was briefly knocked out of the spotlight. Kailyn’s mission was initially accomplished, but a busy schedule called, and Javi was soon reinstated as head babysitter. Javi happily runs to Kailyn’s rescue, picking up the slack with his own son, Lincoln, as well as Kailyn’s oldest son, Isaac. Fans even watched Javi teach Isaac how to ride a bike.

So what happened to that scary psycho stalker? Viewers want to know!

Javi lost the harasser title in record time — and Kailyn successfully scored lots of free and attentive childcare.

What do you think of Kailyn’s dodgy demands? Sound off in the comments, and watch Teen Mom 2, Monday nights, on MTV. 


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  • the underground train

    Kail is just a selfish bish. It’s her way or the highway.

  • we”r”family

    Was Joe ticked that it was not him to teach Isaac how to ride a bike. Joe and Kail seem very close these days.
    This is one selfish, hateful, spiteful individual. The best interest of herself only.

    • the underground train

      I think Joe just wants to keep the peace Kail so he just agrees with her to appease her. Plus he seems kind of lazy. He was probably relieved Javi did some physical activity with Isaac so he wouldn’t have to do it.

      • Txtea

        Joe seems like taking a shower and wiping his own ass would exhaust him. ????????‍♀️

        • Chickpea16

          LOL!! I got that impression too. At least the grass is cut now.

      • Oscar Moto

        I agree with the first part of your statement about keeping the peace. I will even say that Jo is lazy, but he is a really good father. I don’t think he wouldn’t want to do it because it is physical activity, just a few eps. back they were playing basketball (kind of, lol) as a family. I think Kail is the lazy one who CLEARLY does very little physical activity, lmao, and would be relieved that Javi did it instead. That is exactly what she always does.

  • motherall

    Kailyn is one sick, disgusting , foul mouthed person who should not have the kids at all. the way she talks in fron of them, the language and the way she talks about Jo and Javi is horrible. Those little boys are soo lucky to have two good men in their lives to teach them good behavior and morals because momma sure doesn’t have any. Jo has really grown as a man and father and kudos to hi m for that and to Javi for not being a bitter nasty mess after the way Kailyn screwed him over.

  • Elias Wedway

    This is old news–the protection order was dropped over a week ago. The protection order was put into place because Javi broke into the home when no one was there by crawling in the basement window–I really like Javi, but I would NOT be ok with that. The protection order was dropped when soccer season started so that Javi can attend the kids’ games. Again old news that was not even juicy the 1st round, let alone the 2nd time around.

    • Reality Buffy

      It was still his home.

      • Elias Wedway

        He was/is no longer a resident of that home. He knew what he was doing was wrong, that is why he was sneaking around and crawling through the basement window when no one was home. He was checking up on Kailyn and trying to catch her in something. Believe me, I feel bad for him, I can only imagine how hurt and betrayed he felt. However, he was absolutely wrong to sneak into the house like that. He knows it and that is why he readily agreed to no contest of the protection order. The Air Force also views it as breaking and entering which could have effected his job and imo, that is also why he agreed to no contest.

        • Oscar Moto

          Actually, Kail was home and Javi was supposed to be picking up the boys, but Kail was playing her games as usual. I agree that Javi should not have gone into the house, it only complicated the situation, but there is a whole lot more to the story than we all may know.

          • Elias Wedway

            Are you saying Kail was in the house with the kids and Javi broke into the house through the basement window? That is even worse.

          • Oscar Moto

            As far as I understand, they were supposed to meet up so Javi could pick up the boys. Kail ended up impatiently leaving the place they were supposed to meet up at, so Javi went to the house to pick up the boys. Kail wouldn’t answer the door, and that was why he went through the window. Of course it wasn’t right, I wish in the moment he would have kept it together better, at least for the kids. I am just saying that Kail has the tendency to escalate situations and play the victim. She plays games all the time and then expects people to just be ok with it and have no reaction, and if they do, she makes it seem like the end of the world. It must be infuriating to deal with and I give both Jo and Javi credit, because they are pretty good for the most part keeping their composure.

  • theStevieJBus

    I cannot stand Kail, I find Farrah and Janelle more tolerable. I know this is bad but I’m looking forward to Joe filing for 50/50 custody. That would mean 2 of her 3 baby daddies will be taking her to court at the same damn time. Payback is a b!tch.

  • Txtea

    For being so homely, girlfriend sure gets around. ????

  • Oscar Moto

    Man, she is one ugly heifer!!!

  • Jackie

    these entitled “teen moms” who are in their 20s need to be taken off the show. the whole teen mom franchise is a joke.